NRG UPGRADE Helps Los Angeles Homes Reduce Utility Bills Through Renewable Solar Energy Systems 1
NRG UPGRADE Helps Los Angeles Homes Reduce Utility Bills Through Renewable Solar Energy Systems 2

Los Angeles, CA The leading California solar energy company, NRG UPGRADE, has been blazing the trail and setting the pace in the Los Angeles communities, through installations of renewable solar energy systems. The solar energy source has become a tremendous blessing to many Los Angeles homes, to reduce utility bills, raise the value of their homes, and lead a greener, cleaner environment by lessening carbon footprint.

NRG UPGRADE is a solar energy company with the goal of helping homes, businesses, and industries in California leverage renewable energy sources such as solar energy. NRG UPGRADE specializes in solar panel installation in Los Angeles, and has been very focused, committed, and dedicated to their mission of installing a solar energy system in every Los Angeles home.

NRG UPGRADE believes that nature has given energy and that allows California to make good use of it. But it is their duty to help California homes, businesses, and corporations maximize all the benefits of the solar energy provided by nature. The way they fulfill their mission and serve California homes is through a large array of products such as solar panels, cool roof and paint, heating and cooling systems, energy efficient windows, solar batteries, and more.

Each of the solar energy units has its own unique benefit of energy efficiency. All the products use green solar energy, which has been proven to offer the best solution to maximize the natural power source of the sun to provide reliable electrical energy. The green solar energy also helps to save the planet and make the most of the sun’s energy.

In view of the immense benefits of green solar energy, many Los Angeles homes have asked the technical service team at NRG UPGRADE to install the solar energy products at their homes. Hundreds of homes have benefited immensely from the installations.

The range of solar energy products provided and installed by the Los Angeles Solar Energy Company entails the following:

  • Solar Panels: Converts sunlight into electrical energy sources for homes and businesses

  • Cool Roof: Reflects sunlight and keeps the house insulated

  • HVAC: during a high seer to use less energy when heating and cooling

  • Cool Paint: A new type of paint that helps to reflect and absorb more of the sun’s energy than the regular paint.

  • Storage Battery: Stores solar energy power source to power up homes.

  • Energy Efficient Windows: Helps to maximize sunlight.

“I’m very impressed with NRG UPGRADE. I researched solar companies and got a couple of estimates.  NRG UPGRADE gave me a great price, but also, importantly, they were terrific to deal with…,” Jonathan Elkayam, a satisfied customer attested. “The process begins with an appraisal of your situation – how many panels will you need, does your roof get sufficient sun, how many panels will fit in the sunny parts of your roof, etc.  After that, you sign the contract. They take care of everything.”

NRG UPGRADE is located at 960 N Alfred St unit 208, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA. Contact them via phone at 844 674 8787, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

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