Cube System: Cube Chain based, ONE ID service launch coming up soon! 1

Cube System: Cube Chain based, ONE ID service launch coming up soon! 2

South Korean based Cube Chain developing Cube System Co, Ltd (CEO Dong Oh Kim), dedicated to develop the new generation of the blockchain, have stated that Cube Chain based, One ID Service, an ID verification Service is soon to be launched.

The One ID service is based on Cube System’s own blockchain technology, the Cube Chain, enabling users to log in and verify his identity for a third party service that requires authentication, all based on a single step blockchain service. This service will eliminate tedious processes of managing ID and passwords, whereas guaranteeing the safety and reducing the risks of hacking.

The One ID service would undertake the role of a passport on the blockchain network service, with its added authentication process, protecting personal information, including biometric authentication from fingerprint and iris recognition technologies.

The ONE ID service will be in the market for service providers who require ID verification, where the process will be based on an open API blockchain, equipped to be user-friendly be it for websites or service apps.

Additionally, it will maintain its focal point on expanding and stabilizing the service, so that a diversity of businesses in e-commerce, gaming, public institutions, financial institutions etc. are able to enjoy the service for user verification presses.

Representing the next generation of blockchain technology, Cube Chain, that is able to create blocks in the pool of 24 transactions all at the same time, with a revolutionary improved TPS and block generation speed. Since it uses special types of blocks equipped with a unique algorithm that enables efficient block searches, regardless of the size of the block. Over and above, Cube Chain is labeled as the newest generation of a blockchain technology, utilizing multifarious encryption methods, through blocking and cubing processes. Currently, we are in the works of applying the One ID service to the upcoming blockchain based social network “Cube ON” and the blockchain based product, “Cube Chain product”. 

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