GRO Nutrients® is one of the top manufacturers of all-natural, plant-based organic crop feeds. The company which is known worldwide, is the leading producer of pH-balanced crop feeds that promote stronger, greener and healthier plants. GRO Nutrients uses innovative technology to produce nutrients that are suitable for all types of plants. The GRO series have been designed for hydroponic mediums as well as earth soil and substrate uses. Each unique product is pH-calibrated to feed and boost the immune systems of all plants, enhance the bud size of cannabis strains, and encourage root and flower development.

GRO Nutrients®series feature products such as Mega Feed (Part A and Part B), Bud Genie, Root Force, Super GRO, Bio Roots, GRO Lush, GRO Bloom, Volcanic, Epic, among other powerful organic and mineral-infused crop boosters. GRO Nutrients®delivers a wide variety of powerful and all-natural nutrient series that have been formulated to help plants attain their full genetic potential during their life cycle. For instance, Root Force is a root stimulator that promotes healthy and vigorous roots. Its synergistic effect helps to ensure that plants receive a 50 percent increase in root production and efficiency, to ensure vibrancy. Bio Roots and G-Factor present a powerful growth supplement combination to accelerate and increase fixation and productivity. The potent foliar feeder, Anaconda Juice, and the well-rounded2-Part Mega Feed, deliver superior nutrients and immune boosters to enhance the natural defenses of plants. Bud Genie is a powerful bud bulker that helps plants achieve heavy yielding potential with a bountiful harvest to boot! For a pristine finish, and to enhance taste, flavor, aroma, increased terpenoids, and oil production, you can’t go wrong with Flora Candy. Every type of feed in GRO Nutrients® series deliver unmatched solutions for growers that wish to supplement their feed regimen with organic non-chemical nutrients.

This brand is popular with most growers, not only because of its wide range of high-quality crop feeds, but also because of the company’s Grower Support Group where everyone can find niches to exchange ideas. The company’s website,, offers a feed generator for routine grow maintenance tips and solutions, plus several noteworthy articles that cover a wide range of topics such as; how to maintain and enhance an organic garden, how to grow healthy and dense buds, protecting and defending your plants against pests without using chemicals, etc. It is the perfect site for growers to hone their craft and become craftsmen.

About GRO Nutrients

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of organic crop feeds globally. GRO Nutrients®series of organic fertilizers deliver a wide range of powerful crop feeds that help growers enhance their yields and improve their harvests. The company offers the best solutions for both small and large-scale farmers, hydroponic gardeners and greenhouse growers. GRO Nutrients®experienced researchers, seasoned farmers, and professional agronomists, have decades of experience, studying the different soil types and plant species in the Amazon and elsewhere across the globe. The company’s value proposition and main objective is to deliver the best and most powerful nutrients for all plant species.

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