PRChain, stepping out of China, rebuilds global media credibility 1
Looking back at the internet era over the years, it is not difficult to find out that the rising of media giants is more about advertising rather than media credibility…

PRChain, stepping out of China, rebuilds global media credibility 2

Looking back at the internet era over the years, it is not difficult to find out that the rising of media giants is more about advertising rather than media credibility. The founding team of PRChain realizes that only by making a “chain” that can solve the pain point of media credibility can the sustainable development of the media industry be truly achieved, rather than one-shot media reform.  

The media industry becomes more and more important while the industry problems are getting more and more painful as well.

As is well known, media is a powerful engine of future economy development, and it is the coal and oil in the economic era. Giants in all industries of life are dedicated to exploring the media in their own ecology to achieve the transformation of the value. At the same time, in order to protect their own position, the giants who control the media have a closely guarded protection of media.

Media users, trusting media companies, upload their personal information to the media, while media companies can make lots of profits by using these users’ information. However, users do not get any benefit but have to bear the huge risk of the leakage of personal information.

Similarly, users will also leave a lot of behavioral information when reading the internet media, and enterprises can get lots of profits by using the media information, but users get no benefit at all. Moreover, users themselves even have no idea about who has viewed and used the information. At the meantime, users are not able to prevent strangers from viewing the information or avoiding leakage of their personal information.

From the source of the information, although the merging and spreading of fake new has become an industry disease, PRChain firmly believes that it is possible to control the source of the information by using Blockchain technology.

Based on the pain points in the media industry, PRChain helps media rebuild credibility by Blockchain technology, and let users trust internet media again.

The core team from Taiwan cherishes the heart of serving the nation

President Jeremy is CEO and chief strategy officer, and also the president and chief representative of Synereo(AMP) in the Great China; CEO of Beijing Tianxia Qingyang Company, serial entrepreneur in creative fields and serves as a consultant for many companies, and he has full experience in many fields like Blockchain, fashion, education, films and television, cultural and creative industries in both domestic and abroad. He is also the founder of EVOG Shijin Phenomenon and DomainEx, consultant of AladdinGalaxy(ABAO), and partner of Youth Venture and Investment executive affairs.

Jason, joint CEO and COO, is the founder of EISO American branch, a Taiwan listed company; Apple Account BD of Zhen Ding Tech. of Foxconn Group; BD of Beijing branch of Sweden Bolon; co-founder of EVOG Shijin Phenomenon.

Jame, VP and Chief Social Officer

Deputy dean of Youth Venture and Investment Blockchain Hupan Unversity; president of Shenzhen Xinliang Culture Media Co., Ltd; vice president of Blockidea, a founder of Chess Code Blockchain Community, and founder of Youth Venture and Investment Grass Community.

Ming, VP and CDO

Founder of Shanghai Wanli Holdings, president of new media committee of China Electronic Commerce Association, founder of Anhui Wanchen Investment Co., Ltd, a founder of Shanghai Wanai Culture Communication Co., Ltd, a founder of Shanghai Wanwei Culture Communication Co., Ltd, a founder of Shanghai Shanyou Network Technology Co., Ltd, a founder of Shanghai Lida Industrial Co., Ltd, and co-founder of China (Hongkong) Auto Union Group Co., Ltd.

The founding team of PRChain is not only doing a great business and rebuilding media industry, but also cherishes the honest hearts of serving the nation. Both of Jeremy and Jason are from Taiwan, and both grew up in New Zealand, but they both believe China’s media market will become better because of PRChain and PRChain will also change the global media market. The corporation manifesto of PRChain is to make China more beautiful!

Backed by Israel’s strong technical support

Synereo, an established top-level Blockchain social networking platform company, is a startup company in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company has developed a decentralized open source social network. Each terminal user of the distributed APP within its Synereo ecology is the owner of the network. Synereo returns the control of content, personal information and monetization to each user; and it is the social network of next generation that delivers security, identity and community management rights to users, and it will reward all the users for related activities on the network.

Synereo is also the preferred platform of distributed APP, which was named by Forbes in 2015 as “one of the three platforms that will decentralize network”.

It is worth mentioning that Craig, the co-founder of Bitfinex, Tether (USDT), Omni Foundation and others, is the early core consultant of Synereo. There are also AE co-founders of top public chain and founder of PRChain who once worked for Synereo.

Recently, Synereo has reached a strategic alliance with PRChain, and will work closely with PR team to promote PRChain in overseas markets; at the same time, other partners of Synereo will also establish strategic and technical cooperation with PRChain. Undoubtedly, Synereo will escort the landing of PRChain thanks to its strong technology and rich experience in Blockchain, and it will provide a perfect solution for the establishment of the media ecology credibility with PRChain’s deep cultivation in the vertical area of media.

Changing global media industry, my media is very reliable

PRChain is a set of compliance, reasonable, fair, just, effective and innovative incentive mechanism for community autonomy. It rewards content creators, value disseminators and content recipients by the greatest incentives to establish a fair, just, open and transparent media credibility system, and is dedicated to promoting the construction of the most widely recognized media credibility index PR-INDEX.

Nowadays, industry giants have monopolized the media, and will not easily share the media with non-ecology system enterprises. Medias between different platforms are also not interoperable. Since there is no legal, open and high quality media transaction platform, the quality of the media is not uniform. As a result, it is more difficult for the media to cash in.

PRChain aims at the global media information market. From the perspective of industry application, once the “media isolated island” is broken, it will be used efficiently in many industries, such as large media advertising, media analysis and exploration, credit, media capital transaction, real estate, finance and tourism.

PRChain has started laying the track for future development. In the future development, the one who can lay the track first will become the leader of the new generation. Based on Synereo’s mature technology, PRChain utilizes Blockchain to promote the growth, mature and healthy development of the new media ecology. On the platform, value disseminators will be the biggest beneficiary, PRChain will become the closest tool for the value contributor instead of the interest exploiter. As a clear stream in the current coin circle projects, PRChain has inherent advantages.

In the eyes of many investment organizations, PRChain is also a promising industry application, and attracts much attention!

PRChain, stepping out of China, rebuilds global media credibility 3

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