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July 13, 2018 is a day of epoch-making significance to the Philippines as the foundation-laying ceremony of SVO Digital Asset Exchange, located in Subic Bay, the Philippines, was held. The Philippines government attaches much importance to the holding of the foundation-laying ceremony. Duterte the president of the Philippines assigned more than 20 senior government officials, including Dr. Dandy, the special envoy for international diplomacy, William de Jesus Lima the special envoy for China, Wilma Yzma the executive envoy of Subic Bay special economic zone and vice chief executive of Subic Bay, to attend the foundation-laying ceremony, which sufficiently proves the high importance of the Philippines government that attaches to the SVO International Holding Group.

SVO promotes blockchain application into a brand new era 2

SVO International Holding Group

SVO International Holding Group whose headquarter locates at Subic Bay, the Philippines is an international block chain financial group company that is specially made for block chain. Cooperated with ADAYO with abundant strength at Subic Bay, the Philippines, the company successively founded Philippine SVO Digital Asset Bank and SVO Digital Asset Exchange and issued SVO Digital Encrypted Currency that depends on SVO Digital Asset Bank, aiming at building SVO Digital Encrypted Currency into a kind of digital encrypted currency that combines multiple functions, such as payment, transaction, exchange, settlement, investment and financing. Block chain technology is applied to promote Philippine SVO International Holding Group to be the leader in the block chain financial field.

SVO Digital Encrypted Currency

SVO Digital Encrypted Currency, equipped with all the attributes of traditional finance and contemporary Internet digital finance, will firstly realize offline payment and transaction in Subic Bay special economic zone of the Philippines. With the founding of SVO Digital Asset Bank, SVO Digital Encrypted Currency will also definitely become the exchange target (be commonly known as mother coin) of other digital encrypted currency saved in SVO Digital Asset Bank. On account of the specific attributes of current global digital encrypted currency and its status as the the only digital encrypted currency with designated application zone at present, it contains great investment values. Because its total circulation is 3.9 billion, there is immense appreciation space and it will absolutely become the new investment object that is admired and praised highly by digital currency investors.

The launch of SVO Digital Encrypted Currency also symbolizes the formal entry of global finance field into the 3.0 era of block chain. It is firmly believed that the leaping development of block chain will inevitably change people’s lifestyle and add brilliance to people’s life in the foreseeable future.

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