Why the world’s first digital encryption chain, SIM block chain is the most valuable block chain application? 1

The year of 2017 is doomed to be an extraordinary day during the development of block chain. The Sandianzhong forum earlier this year gave rise to a frenzy of investment in Bitcoin. Around the mid-year, here came to the bear market, the bitcoin market, and shit bitcoin fell on its first day of trading, Wall Street and other asset organization reshuffled the market over the world, various investors have been trapped.

Why the world’s first digital encryption chain, SIM block chain is the most valuable block chain application? 2

In the pursuit of global investors, Block chain technology, which is of epoch-making significance, has turned digital money into today’s biggest appreciation area with greatest investment potential successfully over the past two years. However, why this technology only takes shape on the virtual tokens but has no effect on the real economy offline?

The reason is that many block chain projects only take this technology as a gimmick to stimulate the investment in Bitcoin, instead of bringing it into the real economy.

Recently, as the only digital encryption chain that can be circulated and applied through various countries, areas and dimensions of the world, SIM block chain is breaking this impression of hype that digital assets will rise and drop suddenly and sharply in a practical way.

The attributes of value preservation and appreciation of SIM chain realize the unilateral rise for all the players. Its attribute of unilateral rise and extremely high collection value win popularity around the world and high praise of global players for it.

The whole world will enter the digital asset era in the future. The digital asset held by everyone may directly enter the digital wallet of each actual holder rather than enter the accounts of a certain bank, which makes the consumption more convenient.

The application scenes of SIM chain cover every aspect of life. For instance, SIM chain will circulate in the infrastructure construction of countries and islands such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Cambodia in the light of global infrastructure design and construction. With the circulation of SIM chain, the application of SIM chain into aspects such as cruise consumption, game platform, VR mall, voting election and international finance will be broader. SIM chain will break through the industrial barriers and connect restaurants, malls, hotels, housing purchase, vehicle purchase and other aspects as well as more merchants, through which the safest and the most convenient payment function will be brought to the world and linkage of the whole world will be realized.

The coin circle of the current block chain industry is complex with inundant network funds. Most people swarm into the coin market and attempt to become rich overnight because they believe that there are great prospects of gain in the coin market without common sense. However, the majority of investors lack financial common sense and basic identifying ability, so a number of bubble coin swindlers run away with money. The consequence of the group who follows the new funds is predictable.

As the block chain project with the most practical implementing application, SIM chain will cover the SIM chain players from the whole world. SIM chain will be used and circulate in each corner of the world. It will provide firm and powerful guarantee for creating a mobile and transparent market, re-pricing of credit and risks, improving the operation efficiency and promoting the faster and better development of global industries.

As the application project with the most projects at present, SIM chain, born with the historical tendency, will set off a new fortune storm around the world in 2018 and start the new century of digital economy.

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