July 24th, 2018 – Phoenix, Arizona – Psychological, emotional and physical domestic abuse leave scars so deep that one may not be able to go through it alone. This is why entrepreneur, former TV personality and domestic violence survivor, Falan Taylor will be airing a podcast for domestic violence survivors — ASK FALAN on Saturday, 28th July 2018, to encourage people going through domestic violence to speak up and offer solutions of healing to survivors by sharing her story with them.

For a number of years, Falan hosted various shows including the national show The Liquidation Channel formerly known as The Jewelry Channel and a show called Housewife Cuisine on YouTube. She had previously done many live cooking demonstrations locally, and auditioned for QVC and Food Network. Falan had a flourishing career that anyone would be proud of at a very tender age of 21 years old however her desire to have a career aided in the eventual deterioration of her marriage. With the economic spiral of 2007 Falan’s short lived TV career began to dissipate. The show began doing cut backs on host positions which left Falan to return to work as a chef and single mom as her marriage fell apart. She spent years trying to piece her life together running from job to job to care for their only child, and was not able to get on her feet completely all while keeping her darkest secret that she was being abused from public eye. Sadly, Falan having never addressed why her marriage ended eventually attracted a second abusive relationship shortly after that nearly killed her. Having survived that final ordeal she completely overhauled her life and began to work 80 hours a week to sustain the family’s lifestyle they were accustomed too and refrained from working in the media industry she adored as she deemed it unstable. She focused all of her attention on raising her daughter and began to heal.

Years after her traumatic experiences and halt to her TV career, she is returning to do voice work via her podcast “ASK FALAN”, in efforts to support victims of domestic violence in the process of recovery back into the things in life they adore. Falan now owns Media company — Vivid Vortex Resourcing & Media LLC. This company will assist domestic violence survivors in what’s next after they utilize the free resources the state provides and works with local Domestic Violence Organizations by connecting them directly with entrepreneurs. Falan determined  that by connecting her fellow entrepreneurs to her clients would aide in rebuilding their life to include steering them away from remaining on public assistance and other government funded programs. Falan believes that changing the mindset to include alternative ways to promote optimal growth through positive thinking techniques, teaching new skills that can lead to business ownership etc will have lasting effects as “this is where the REAL healing begins.” “I believe you can truly transform your life by simply changing the way you think as I am living proof it can be done”. Falan has been a single mom for more than 10 years and her only child is nothing shy of remarkable.

“It has taken me 8 years to fully recover and have the courage to speak out. I decided to create a podcast as a way to vocalize my words, to utilize my gift of speaking to motivate those in the very same shoes I was in. The healing process is a very long road and often times not many will speak about it. Not everyone who is a victim of domestic violence is hit. I was hit but more so psychologically abused and those scars have had lingering effects. I hope to partner with local companies to help build a brand awareness of support for survivors of domestic abuse.” Falan remarked, in a statement about why she is starting the podcast. She is often quoted as saying ” One Voice, One Mission, One day at a time”.

For other enquiries, and to show support for the movement, individuals can make contributions to enable Falan Taylor to meet the goals of the podcast and reach millions of people going through the same difficulty as she did, by sending an email to Ask@askfalan.com. To learn more about Falan’s story and the podcast “ASK FALAN”, please visit the podcast’s website at http://www.AskFalan.com.

About Falan:

Falan is an Entrepreneur, Chef, Author and a former TV personality who left the industry abruptly due to constant psychological and physical domestic abuse. She is returning to do voice work via podcast in an effort to support victims of Domestic Violence in their recovery back in to the things in life they adore.

Falan’s YouTube show “Housewife Cuisine” paved the way to opportunities such as working in television as a show host for The Liquidation Channel formerly The Jewelry Channel. She has also auditioned for both Food Network and QVC. Falan currently owns Media Company Vivid Vortex Resourcing & Media LLC which is a start up in Arizona to assist domestic violence survivors by partnering them with other entrepreneurs who can offer their expertise to assist in rebuilding their lives as well as broadcasting her Podcast show “ASK FALAN”. Falan Taylor is available to do guest appearances, workshops and presentations etc. both nationally and internationally.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vivid Vortex Media
Contact Person: Falan Taylor
Email: Send Email
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Website: https://askfalan.com/

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