Objective IT have recently developed an internal web-based application to solve Munday and Cramer’s job system development needs.

Munday and Cramer have over 20 years’ experience in their field, delivering a range of professional services within the architectural, building surveying and project management industries. Munday and Cramer were relying on Excel spreadsheets to handle their data, but this soon began to show flaws when the team spent a lot of time repeating manual tasks which was in turn holding back their business processes.

To create a smoother more coherent system, Objective IT developed an internal web-based application to solve Munday and Cramer’s needs. As a result, a bespoke quote and job system to process their minor works was set up. The project has evolved over the last few years, as Objective IT have added in bespoke modules such as timesheet logging to allow the team at Munday and Cramer to have an end-to-end system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

The job systems are split into two modules; minor works and projects. The minor works portion is used for everyday queries, whereas the project portion is used for applying to government contracts, tenders and for managing larger projects.

The new system allows jobs and projects to be managed and tracked easily. A bespoke function was also developed to allow emails to be generated from editable templates, which can be sent and saved into the system with ease. The system also included a document upload function, alongside an option to export anything to Excel.

The bespoke web-based application has a multitude of business benefits including developing a data hub, improved accessibility, workflow automations and dashboard views. All their data is now located in a single location, which increases both ease of use and security. The online app allows Munday and Cramer to access and update the database from any location and there is now a dashboard view alerting administrators of imminent completed work.

Objective IT used a range of products and technologies to create the bespoke web-based application, including .NET, SQL, Visual Basic and Telerik Controls.


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