If an attractive, aesthetically designed building is subject to graffiti scrawl of any sort, that aesthetic look has gone in an instant and it may well become offensive to the neighbourhood. Not only is a complete repaint expensive, it is disruptive as well. What can be done about these building defacers? Depending which type of finish clads the building, foundation and walls, it can be extremely difficult to clean. If finished with a textured surface it is almost impossible to remove graffiti without high pressure washing. There is an efficient and professional alternative after cleaning, an anti-graffiti coating. Canadian vandalism in the form of building graffiti has increased tremendously over the past few years and is at a point where a stiff fine or other form of prosecution is given to anyone doing this

Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. is an underground garage and property maintenance company located in Ontario, offering a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This company, with vast experience in property maintenance, will not only remove the unsightly and disfiguring graffiti but will apply an anti-graffiti coating to the surface at the same time. Canadian restorations GTA Inc.do this using high pressure power washers which cleans off the vandalism. They have the professional staff to do this without damaging the surface such as sand-blasting. There is a slight danger which lies in removing some of the paint. If the building is cement, tiled or stone and brick there can be some erosion if it has suffered weathering. Normally this does not occur. 

Anti-Graffiti Coating

To ensure that the building is protected against vandalism to a certain extent, Canadian Restorations offer an anti-graffiti coating which is applied over the existing paint, tiles or mosaic or whatever the finish is. If graffiti is drawn or sprayed on to this it can be easily washed off with their equipment. The coating is sacrificial or a permanent coating can be applied. This is a good anti-graffiti measure and can save a cash outlay in repainting.

Features of anti-graffiti coatings

The features and benefits of these coatings have a two-fold purpose. By using “user-friendly” coatings that contain a UV (ultra violet) content, the building is protected against the harsh sun and weathering. It is also easier to clean than standard paints. If the building needs some enhancement, a paintover can be applied first.


One way of eliminating the graffiti is a paintover which can be aesthetically enhancing, especially if the building needs a “new look”. Canadian Restorations GTA can apply new paint to suit your requirements. They can also match existing paint should an entire paintover not be required.

Underground Garage Striping

Should a building have an underground garage, Canadian Restorations GTA can stripe the parking slots and driveways making it easier to find a certain allocated slot in the case of numbered parking etc. Striping wears off eventually and, with a quick call or email, Canadian Restorations GTA will provide a free quotation to re-paint them.

So, get in touch with Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. for all Paintovers, graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings etc. Their cost-effective services have earned them a good reputation and repeat business from hundreds of clients.

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