The launch of the SCMDOJO: Aims to Upskill Supply Chain Community 1
The launch of the SCMDOJO: Aims to Upskill Supply Chain Community 2

SCMDOJO, a Supply Chain Solutions expert, aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to solve their chain problems and to upskill themselves. At, SCMDOJO, it has always strived to set itself apart as a supply chain company which provides supply chain knowledge and solutions for everyone. The company prefers to equip the supply chain professionals with knowledge allowing them to grow and learn.

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, the man behind the success of the SCMDOJO, aims to share with people what he has learned. Muddassir finished his Ph. D. in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School in 2015. With over ten years of extensive experience in supply chain and a huge amount of research to share, Muddassir started and founded his Supply Chain Blog at Muddassirism’s prime focus is to assist people in gaining knowledge and help them in making wise decisions.

During the success of Muddassirism, Muddassir has published more than 100 articles, 56,000 page views, 16,300 active newsletter subscribers, 40, 200 site visitors, and over 39, 500 social media followers who are supply chain professionals. Furthermore, all of these numbers continue to grow every day without spending any amount on marketing. All of the success was made possible due to the word of mouth and a lot of hard work. Muddassir and his supply chain blog Muddassirism proved their competence when the supply chain blog ranked 8th among the 75 supply chain websites and blogs.

With the goal of Muddassir to bring people together and to provide everyone the chance to upskill themselves, Muddassirism was now established SCMDOJO. “Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, Ph.D inspires me every time. I consider him as one of the biggest thought leaders in SCM science of this time” said Erwin, the CEO of Nunner

SCMDOJO understands that their company is made up of people. The company also features guides, online courses, self-assessment tools, eBooks, Supply Chain Solutions, and training that will enable SMEs, companies, and individuals to be fruitful in their supply chain.

Muddassir, together with his team, believes that when people have access to the right knowledge and tools, it is always possible to turn their development goals and business dreams into reality. By sharing all the tools and contents offered by SCMDOJO, the company assures that people will benefit from their services. As a Supply Chain Expert, SCMDOJO also aims to provide everyone the chance to create a more agile, flexible, and responsive supply chain designs personalized to their needs.


SCMDOJO aims to provide people with Supply Chain Diagnostics, Assessments, and Saas-based tools to achieve organization, team, and individual goal. They specialize in the self-assessment tool and can identify all the development and competency gaps. To close the gaps, SCMDOJO offers eBooks, best practice guides, online courses, and informational Videos. Apart from helpful supply chain services, the company strives to close the competency gap to become the best in class.

Everyone is encouraged to visit their friendly website at for more information about their services and products.

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