Bestselling Career Guide – “Career X” Debuts on Amazon 1
Career X: Expert Advice on How to Cultivate Your Career, a new book by Marya Triandafellos “helps fill in the gaps with insider information. It’s a realistic handbook for the college graduate.”

Bestselling Career Guide – “Career X” Debuts on Amazon 2

The book “Career X: Expert Advice on How to Cultivate Your Career” by Marya Triandafellos,  has been dubbed “GPS for Your Career.” The bestseller, available on Amazon and other online bookstores, provides readers with career advice and job hunting tips for success, whether you are a first-time job seeker or mid-career.

“I’ve taken my personal experience finding jobs, serving hundreds of clients, hiring for my own design businesses, and for creative teams at Fortune 100 companies to write this book,” said Triandafellos. “To supplement my knowledge and experience, I’ve invited subject matter experts to contribute their know-how and I’ve conducted extensive research on the key topics in the book.”

College students receive a broad education, but it doesn’t tell them how to approach potential employers, create a resume or dress for success. Even experienced individuals encounter problems on a job search or when changing careers. “Career X” is equally important and beneficial for experienced workers as well as those just starting on their career journey.

The career guide encompasses four main sections that include:

  • what a career is
  • how to cultivate a career
  • the life cycle of a job search
  • a job search toolkit.

It provides answers to 120 critical career-related questions and shows readers of all ages how to take control of their employment narrative. The author incorporates her own experiences and wisdom from 15 professionals in human resources, psychology, career counseling and business leadership.

Career X provides job hunting and career advice in a single, easy-to-read book that would take years of experience to accrue, from behaviors and appearance to building a personal brand. The book reveals the best industry standards for resumes, networking, activities that support career-building, and formulating professional job search strategies. Individuals learn how to leverage their talents, expertise, and achievements toward the positions they desire.

The career guide is an indispensable tool for the newly graduated, those interested in an internship, veteran job seekers, and individuals that want to reinvent themselves or change careers. Career X addresses real-world issues and situations for anyone in the job market. The book is available on Amazon in print [$19.99] and e-book [$9.99]

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Marya Triandafellos is an entrepreneur, design manager, and consultant, designer, visual artist and the author of “Career X: Expert Advice on How to Cultivate Your Career.” Her career progressed from a freelance designer to entrepreneur to leader of creative teams for world-renowned brands. She’s hired and directed teams for entrepreneurial businesses and multi-million dollar corporations. An advocate for mentoring and volunteering, she’s consulted for high school students, building businesses through the NFTE organization and serves as a design and strategy mentor for CivicXcel accelerator in New York City.

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