The world is now totally different from a decade ago. A wise person who truly understands how globalization acts at present should be aware of the facts that in many areas China is catching up with and overtaking the U.S. and Europe; in some areas, China is the trend-setter. There is no clear dominating force between U.S. and Europe on the one side, and emerging economies including China, on the other side. Both sides need each other in the international division of labor.

DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR, the largest flooring trade exhibition in Asia, which is held in Shanghai, China every year in March, launched a Radiant Heated Flooring area from 2016. More and more well-known Chinese brands joined in ever since. Solid wood flooring for radiant heating is developing rapidly in China, which is rarely known in the U.S. and Europe.

Solid Wood Flooring for Radiant Heating, the upgrading technology of solid wood flooring, was invented by TECLIC in 2002. China is known for its long history of commitment to solid wood technique. The core technology of solid wood flooring for radiant heating is originated from mortise and tenon joinery technique dating back 7,000 years. Given patented technologies improvement, the product stands out with great stability and performance.

Combining advantages of the biggest flooring market in the world, scale and supply chain, in recent years, solid wood flooring for radiant heating has been developing rapidly in China with 30% growth in a year, which is 10 times that of the U.S. flooring market. This innovation greatly enhances user experience, while at the same time, making a big difference in the global flooring industry.

China has standed at the very front of global solid wood flooring for radiant heating market. China-led technical standards for the industry have been formed and will be implemented shortly in China. The standards were developed by Top specialty research institutes in the industry in China working with top businesses including TECLIC. Once implemented, the standards will further consolidate China’s market leadership in this field.

Globalization is an unstoppable force. In a world where the international division of labor is getting clearer and industrial complementation goes deeper, mutual respect, facing up to each other’s progress and more sharing on products and technologies could benefit global economy and consumers. The technology of solid wood for radiant heating probably is a great chance.

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