Hashr is a unique and innovative mobile application that takes away all the hassles of creating a secure password and memorizing different passwords for multiple websites. Using the advanced PwdHash algorithm created by Stanford University, it generates secure and strong passwords for all the websites the user logs into. The app is launched for iOS users and available for free download and use on App Store.

Hashr is designed for those who keep forgetting passwords for their online accounts and often face difficulty in creating strong and secure passwords. This app will not only generate highly secure passwords but the passwords will never be stored on any server or a third-party application and always be regenerated whenever the user needs them. With this application, the user won’t have to remember any password anymore.

Hashr will enable the user to generate a unique and theft-resistant password for every website that requires a login. It creates a highly secure password based on the user’s master password and a website domain. All the passwords are always generated on the user’s device only and never on any server so that the user can stay assured of their privacy. It also features Touch ID or Face ID to restore the master password so that the user doesn’t have to type it every time. Using the History option available in the app, the user can quickly regenerate their password for recently used websites.

Another feature of this app is the Modifiers, which allow the user to create variations of their hashes without changing the master password. In addition, the app comes with an extension for iOS Safari so that the user can generate their password directly without switching between apps. Hashr app is available for free download for iPhone, iPad, and macOS from the Apple App Store. 

In case of any queries, drop a message to mail@hashr-app.com

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