Destabilization Domains Service Now Available in Profacgen 1
Destabilization Domains Service Now Available in Profacgen 2

Profacgen, a leading biotech company in supplying custom protein services, is pleased to release Destabilization Domains Service, opening up new avenues for various applications such as cancer therapy and targeted gene delivery.

Designing small-molecule ligands for a protein can be challenging and time-consuming as the process usually involves multiple rounds of screening and structural modification. Thus, it is beneficial to have a hybrid system that takes advantage of the simplicity of small-molecule ligands and the specificity of genetic approaches. Destabilization domains (DDs) represent a fusion protein component that is intrinsically unstable and destabilizes other proteins upon incorporation, leading to protein degradation.

“We all know the development of a successful DD system always requires a high level of expertise in several related fields such as molecular biology, synthetic chemistry and protein engineering. With diverse research background, our team is focused on solving multidisciplinary problems and assisting our customers in virtually every aspect of therapeutics development and providing them with the most up-to-date technologies.” Commented Crystal, the representative from Profacgen.

Customers now can have access to Profacgen’s one-stop service for DD development including: Ligand synthesis, Screening and validation, Protein fusion, and In vitro and in vivo testing.

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About Profacgen
Profacgen provides process development and cGMP manufacturing services for biological active ingredients. We have ready access to state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing facilities and our staff scientists have demonstrable expertise in all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, from facility design and operation to the ability to provide best advice relating to product development. We also save our clients a great deal of time with bioprocess scale-up services. Our fermentation laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art fermentors and bioreactors that enable us to express protein in large scale. Our customers can choose to enter into the protein purification pipeline at any stage depending on their needs.


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