National Press Distributors Announce May’s Wrap-Up for Timely Insights Concerning Mobile Apps to Startups 1
National Press Distributors Announce May’s Wrap-Up for Timely Insights Concerning Mobile Apps to Startups 2
NPD has included in May’s dissemination of industry information a host of valuable insights and advice on several timely topics, ranging from choosing the right mobile development app to nursing a startup.

Los Angeles, CA – 27 July, 2018 – National Press Distributors recently looked at various mobile app development companies around the world. In their research, they found that mobile app developers are in high demand in today’s technologically-driven world.  In their studies, NPD determined that Rootstrap is one of the most premier mobile app development firms in the country. With expertise in both coding and strategy, Rootstrap puts out quality content in the form of blog posts every month. NPD took an in-depth look at the information Rootstrap distributed in the month of May.  This content serves as a good example of Rootstrap’s knowledge and expertise, as well as the company’s commitment to service and sharing. For example:

Rootstrap first covered the basics and released a guide on mobile app development tools. NPD analyzed the blog post and found that the content included a list of the best mobile app development tools as well as guidance on how to pick the right one for a situation. The information t first addresses the important question of why mobile app development is significant in the first place. It then proceeds to treat further pressing issues in mobile app development, such as the cost of development tools, the different types of mobile apps, and how to choose the right mobile app development tools. The tools that Rootstrap addressed in the blog post include open source, hybrid, Rapid, Java, and specialized mobile gaming app tools. The NPD found that anyone trying to decide on a mobile app development tool is likely to find the answer, thanks to Rootstrap and their thoughtful reviews.

The National Press Distributors looked at another blog post by Rootstrap and they described it as something similar to Aristotle in the way they asked the right questions in order to get the answers they wanted.   NPD found that the blog post detailing how long it takes to make an app covers the entire process, from starting to launching. The content walks through the  specifics of app development, including costs, the pros and cons of building with and without a team, and differences between the  various platforms. The critical launch process is addressed for a thorough, rounded treatment of the topic.

Other topics related to mobile app development are roadmapping and startup incubators. NPD singled out Rootstrap as an admirable company for the company’s guide to strategic roadmapping.  Rootstrap  provides illustrative examples to shore up the definition. After a walk-through of the overall process, Rootstrap then lays out the benefits and offers suggestions on available tools. A concept that tends to be complicated and incomprehensible is explained in ways that even people unfamiliar with mobile app development can understand.

NPD also praised Rootstrap for its explanation of how to nurse a startup. Using a clever, illustrative concept – the startup as an egg requiring careful incubation – Rootstrap provides needed insights for startups and even potential startups, including tips for securing funding, guidance on choosing the right startup business model, and the incubator vs. accelerator example. Industry hotspots and do’s and don’ts round off the post with a nod toward roadmapping included near the end.

Hiring a mobile app development agency is a major business decision. Only those who are coders and strategists with experience in the industry really possess the requisite expertise and agility. So whether it’s mobile app development tools, the process of making an app, strategic roadmapping, or nursing a startup, Rootstrap has the knowledge and experience.

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