The whole world finds itself at a unique point in history: the rise of robotics and technological advancements. Things we were making jokes about a couple of years ago, things that seem out of a science fiction novel are now a reality. Just imagine the famous human-like robot Sophia has taken her first steps earlier this year that is actually walking on top of her ‘brain’ which is a processor working with various algorithms enabling her to smile, blink and refine her understanding and communication. This is big and it’s not the only example. We’ve seen so much innovation in the past years that nothing seems impossible and it’s actually a bit scary. With major leaps forward in artificial intelligence, come major considerations and it just makes one think: how much will this be part of my life in the future?

The tech industry is Canada’s fastest growing market. In spite of this, Canadians feel less positive about technological advancements with just a bit over half (56%) considering tech advancements will make the world a better place, new HSBC survey reveals. A number well under the global average of 74%. At the same time, they said they would be twice more likely to trust a robot to perform open heart surgery than to open a bank account for them. This highlight the perception that when it comes to healthcare, artificial intelligence can potentially make valuable improvements.

But wait, there’s more: a 2018 study by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University of over 500 people reported people are willing to undergo simple dental procedures such as teeth whitening or cleaning performed by a robot. However, when it came to more invasive procedures such as surgery or dental implants, 66% were moderately or strongly opposed to the idea of having a robot offering them dentistry services. Funnily enough, when the respondents were put in the situation of having to make this decision but with the price cut in half, a staggering 84% changed their minds. This unveils a truth we all know: many people make decisions according to costs when it comes to dental care. And that’s not the best way to go. It’s also one of the reasons that drive people to postpone appointments with 28% of Canadians visit their dentist less than once a year for checkups or only for emergencies.

Another study looking into dental implants specifically showed Canadians believe implants need the same dental hygiene as a normal tooth, and the top factor for not getting an implant is cost. At Teeth in A Day, prices are always decided according to the circumstances of the patient and their unique needs, ensuring they always receive the most appropriate quote and the best services.

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