Kuester Management Group Reveals Tips for Keeping HOA Meetings to An Hour or Less 1
Kuester Management Group Reveals Tips for Keeping HOA Meetings to An Hour or Less 2
In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group offers some tips for keeping HOA meetings efficient.

Nobody enjoys sitting through long meetings—especially meetings that feel unproductive. HOA Board meetings are no exception. While these meetings have a reputation for long-windedness, however, there are some simple strategies that Board members can use to encourage brevity and efficiency. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group shares some tips and recommendations.

“The most important thing is to prepare,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “One way to do this is to review the minutes from your last meeting, which may help you to identify some issues that need to be reopened.”

Another important step is creating a meeting agenda. “Your meeting agenda should encompass both old and new business,” Kuester notes. Crucially, the Board should always stick to this agenda. If an issue is brought up that isn’t on the agenda, it should generally be rolled over to the next meeting.

“Distribution of materials is also important,” comments Bryan Kuester. “Make sure all meeting attendees, especially Board members, have any studies, reports, or data points they need to consider. If possible, give them a week or so to review these documents in advance of the meeting.”

Board members should also facilitate participation. “It’s great when homeowners show up to meetings and want to speak, but ideally, you can keep their remarks to three minutes or less,” Kuester advises. “Also, encourage them to submit any questions or comments in advance, so that they can be worked into your meeting agenda.”

A final tip: Cut the meeting off at the appropriate time. “Make it clear from the beginning that the meeting will end at a set time, and then stick by that,” Kuester says. “Be totally consistent in your start and end times.”

With these tips, HOA Board members can ensure that their meetings are productive—and also that they are brief. “It may take a meeting or two to get the hang of things, but you can get your HOA business done in an hour or less,” concludes Kuester.

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