On Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps; At AIC Wall Street, Innovation Never Sleeps 1
The first dental humanoid robot scheduled to debut in the world-class dental education center, AIC

 On Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps; At AIC Wall Street, Innovation Never Sleeps 2

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Manhattan-based Blue Ocean Denta Group is the first investor in the new state-of-the-art Automation and Innovation Center and will be providing a robot named “Pepper” to put on display and interact with visitors at AIC Wall Street, located at 111 Broadway.

“Pepper is simply amazing,” said Paul Vigario, CEO of SurfCT.com and a co-founder of AIC Wall Street. “She gives us the ability to fully automate dental offices and create a lounge-type feel in the waiting room. Additionally, she allows dentists to make their practices more efficient. Anyone who is curious to see how Pepper functions and what capabilities she has to enhance their dental practices will have that unique opportunity at AIC Wall Street. It’s one of the many ways in which we are helping dentists worldwide create their bliss™ and elevate their practices.” 

When everything is connected™ – cameras, sonars, microphones, speakers and the unique ability to perceive human emotion – “Pepper” has the capabilities and emotional intelligence to adapt behavior to the mood of the person speaking to her, according to her developers. The robot uses visual and voice recognition and moves with fluidity throughout her environment.

In recent months, Blue Ocean Dental Group has placed fun-loving “Pepper” robots in dental offices in Manhattan, Boston and cities around the world. “Pepper,” who is nearly four-feet tall with blue and green eyes and a tablet connected to her stomach, greets patients in a soft-spoken voice, checks them in, makes small talk and generally makes patients feel comfortable while they wait for appointments to start. Want something to drink? Pepper can soon get that, too.

“Dentists are astounded about how effective ‘Pepper’ has been and what a draw she has been to their practices,” Vigario said. “Others who haven’t met ‘Pepper’ anxiously want to see her in action, which is why we believe she is a perfect fit for AIC Wall Street.”

On Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps; At AIC Wall Street, Innovation Never Sleeps 3

About AIC Wall Street

Founded byDr. Jeffrey Shapiro, SurfCT.com CEO Paul Vigario, and Mark Maier, CEO of The Aurum Group, the Automation and Innovation Center Wall Street (AIC Wall Street) has created an unparalleled immersive educational center in the heart of New York City where dentists can learn about and work with technology that can take their practices to the next level. With a live clinical facility, DSD lab, hands-on education and custom digital workflows, all the pieces are in place to help dentists elevate their skills in a modern state-of-the-art environment.

To learn more, visit www.aicwallstreet.com or on IG @AICWallStreet

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