Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces Availability Of Reefer Containers For Safe Transportation Of Perishable Food Products 1
The company’s refrigerated container can be used for transportation of products like fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, seafood, dairy products and other items. The container could also be useful for non-food products, such as flowers and pharmaceuticals.

There are some cargoes that need to be shipped in a temperature controlled environment. These types of cargoes include fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, fish, pharmaceutical products, dairy items, chocolates and other products. For the transportation of such products, China based Shanghai Metal Corporation now offers refrigerated containers. The temperature of these large-size containers can be controlled easily, allowing to store processed foods and other items, while transporting these from one place to another.

According to the company spokesperson, they have refrigerated containers in different dimensions and capacities, which can be used for the storage and transportation of a variety of food or non-food items. The raw and processed items that are perishable can be transported safely across the miles in a reefer container. The spokesperson maintains that these containers have been designed to meet the temperature requirements for the safe storage of the items during the transit. The container design allows a uniform distribution of chilled air throughout the container and which keeps the products in their best natural conditions. It helps protect the natural taste, flavor and appearance of the products kept inside the container.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces Availability Of Reefer Containers For Safe Transportation Of Perishable Food Products  

The spokesperson states that a consistent and uniform air flow at a certain temperature is maintained inside the refrigerated container. Depending upon the item kept inside the container, the temperature can easily be lowered or increased. The spokesperson states that the cooling inside the container is powerful enough to preserve even the most perishable types of food items. With the help of these containers, food products can be shipped fresh and flavorful, keeping all the natural elements intact. The company also supplies containers with the feature of warming up products that are kept inside. The temperature and air-flow requirements can easily be adjusted to preserve products even in the most difficult conditions.

The company can produce different types of reefer containers, and can also customize the dimension of a reefer cargo container as per the specific demand of the client.  The containers could have different internal capacities with different door opening dimensions. The spokesperson reveals that each container comes with a perfect insulation that helps in maintaining the desired temperature level inside the container.

One can check all the relevant details of these reefer containers supplied by the company by visiting their website

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