ARbelts is Elevating Men Fashion with Innovative Technology

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES – August 9th, 2018 – Thanks to the clever innovation by designers at ARbelts, a burgeoning independent fashion brand, life for men on-the-go just got a lot easier and more stylish, to boot. ARbelts has just introduced their premiere collection of men’s belts with integrated technology that makes it possible to interchange belt straps and buckles, change looks with a simple twist, and most importantly get through security checkpoints in a cinch.   

The collection features double sided leather belts in a range of styles and an array of color choices with reversible options, as well. Buckles can be interchanged with different straps to match the wearer’s clothing or simply fit their mood. Each belt is designed with a new kind of technology, an ultralight, imperceptible connector that attaches the strap to the metal buckle. This innovation makes it possible to go through security check while only removing the metal buckle, nothing more. Designer’s Buckles will be sold separately for future releases, at only $10; The change of styles will never be limited and always under the budget.

“The motivation of creating a revolutionary belt is that we believe, in the future, people will need a belt that can easily adapt to their fashion year after and year — resulting in a huge savings in their wardrobe budget. This innovation allows several different-colored straps that to be mixed and matched to go with any outfit. Men need only a few belts to make the possibilities endless. That is the beauty ARbelts,” explains ARbelts founder, Roger Chen.

About ARbelts

ARbelts was founded by Andy Liu, Roger Chen, and Stephen Chiou, a team who is passionate about fashion and everyday styles. They’ve been working in belt manufacturing for years, and therefore have a great understanding of products and how design influences them. After working on a wide variety of projects cooperating with some of the top brands in the industry, they are now to launching this exciting new brand with integrated technology.

The full line of the ARbelts flagship collection will be available for pre-order by the end of May. Those who are interested opportunities to get discounts and updates about when the ARbelts are available can sign up

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