BHP Pioneers Cloud Hashrate PoW+PoS Mining

BHP Pioneers Cloud Hashrate PoW+PoS Mining 14

BHP Chain officially starts BHPC commercial application to Keeping ahead of Ethereum, BHP Pow+PoS is truly realized in real commerce.

BHP Chain (a decentralized bank-Eco public chain based on bitcoin hash power credit) has deep cooperation with, launching strategically financial investment products, BHPC PoS Mining on the basis of mining 2.0. Through the pattern of PoW+PoS, a totally new mining 3.0, miners will gain BTC net revenue and BHPC cryptocurrency value-added revenues.

BHP Pioneers Cloud Hashrate PoW+PoS Mining 15

BHP Chain adviser team claims that renting mines with BHPC is the only one being realized in commerce except for exchanges in current blockchain industry.

As a leading distributed platform offering hashrate financial service and the world’s largest renting platform of cloud hashrate,, the accessing party of BHPC has provided over 30000 global miners with hashrate financial investment service. This time, the mining 3.0 pattern will offer users a better reward. With BHP Chain ( going live, the hashrate pool of will be seen on BHP Chain as the groundbreaking hypernode and its platform offering hashrate financial service will also goes live as a Dapp on BHP Chain. Thus, the commercial applications of BHPC PoS mining will be fully realized among users and 20 BHP hypernodes.

According to the CTO of BHP Chain, BHPC PoS mining business has gone live after nearly one-month development, market operation test and user revenue calculation, and the demands of much more new miners will automatically drive the continuous supply of hash power. At present, more experience items have been in development to cater to BHP Chain’s going live. Users can gain BHPC from BHP account, BHPC-issued exchanges and candy exchanges of mines.

After paying for deposits of standard hashrate miners (Th/s) with equivalent amount in BHPC (BCEX latest price: ¥5.7), miners can gain net mining revenues in the form of BTC+BHPC. The first group of miners reaches 200Th/s hashrate in total and BHPC is used to pay for mines. All mines were snapped up within 20 seconds after starting the activity.

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