China-hifi-Audio Invites Everyone to Check out Their Brand New Amplifiers That Come With Astounding Features

Once again, China-hifi-Audio has introduced powerful amplifiers with great features that can significantly enhance the music listening experience of the people.

Everyone loves to enjoy music with crystal clear audio quality. There are amplifiers that play a major role in amplifying the quality of the sound and making it more melodious, powerful and beautiful. One can now explore a whole lot of powerful amplifiers available in the stock of China-hifi-Audio. The online store has added some 100% brand new amplifiers to their inventory recently, which are packed with amazing features, and are also available at affordable prices.

One can check the recently added YAQIN tubeamplifier range, conducive to improving the sound quality. The amplifier can turn the sound sweeter and warmer with a clear and strong bass. The 100% brand new amplifiers are available in the original edition box with a one-year warranty. Some of these amplifiers are available with two different kinds of use functions, integrated amplifier mode and power amplifier mode. One can switch between these two modes at the push of a switch. The YAQIN amplifiers are solid-built with high-strength output transformers, and which ensures the long lasting performance.

China-hifi-Audio Invites Everyone to Check out Their Brand New Amplifiers That Come With Astounding Features

The spokesperson of China-hifi-Audio draws attention towards their Bewitch 6550 amplifier that comes with the valve cage cover. It features a modern and powerful design with the dual power supply mode. This powerful integrated tube amplifier comes with a large background for a strong sense of space. It features extremely high decomposition with a very high signal-to-noise ratio of up to 90dB. Designed with a wide frequency response output transformer, the amplifier exhibits a perfect and exquisite technology. With a Russian EH power tube, the output sound is sweet and warm with a powerful momentum. Regardless of the cost, the amplifier offers an outstanding durability and consistency.

Another important vacuum tube integrated amplifier added by China-hifi-Audio to its stock is the Muzishare x7. This is also a power amplifier and a headphone amplifier that comes with a remote control. The spokesperson states that it can also work for the Phono player and one can directly link the Phono player with this amplifier. It also comes with a tube cage cover that makes it more robust and durable. With point-to-point hand welding, this amplifier could be considered as purely handmade and has two high quality Japanese EI output transformers. An infrared remote control makes the task easier and more flexible when it comes to playing and enjoying music.

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