D-Link and McAfee Announced the D-Link DIR 2680 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee

D-Link Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee Will Automatically Protect Connected Home Devices. Intel’s Connected Home Technology Combines High-Performance Networking, Instant Protection and Easy Setup

The modern home is increasingly filled with more devices connected to the network with IP. And not all of them include the appropriate level of security. To ensure that none of the devices becomes the weak point where an attacker takes control of the other elements of the network, you need to create security at the access point. Therefore, three important firms, each with ample experience in their sector, have allied to create a router aimed at forming a security barrier between the Internet and the various elements within the home. The D-Link DIR-2680 has been presented at CES2018, held in Las Vegas (United States), at the beginning of January 2018.

The official launch price is $ 249, about € 208, which is a price like 100 more than the equivalent model without security, the D-Link D882, which costs $149, about € 125. In both cases it is a router that supports the AC2600 standard, as well as MU-MIMO and dynamic bandwidth control, a USB port and several LAN ports. In the WiFi part, the D-Link DIR-2680 includes 4 Ethernet ports (one of which is a WAN input connection) and 802.11ac WiFi support. This router will be available as of the second quarter of 2018.

Inside, the circuitry is built around the Intel AnyWAN SoC, an Intel GRX350 processor, and a fifth generation chipset Intel Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV500, with standard 802.11ac that supports speeds of up to 1.733 Mbps, which is about 8 times faster than 802.11n type WiFi, and supports up to 128 connected devices simultaneously. This allows it to be able to work more efficiently without jumps with high resolution 4k video, lower connection losses, less data congestion and higher effective speed in remote clients. Further, the WAV500 series employs advanced radio frequency management technology that provides a high rejection rate of interference from other waves that work in the Wi-Fi band and similar, such as LTE, Bluetooth and ZigBee.

The inclusion of the secure platform McAfee’s Secure Home Platform (SHP, Secure Home Platform) provides a level of security to all the elements that connect to the router, both advanced elements such as mobile terminals, PCs or Tablets, as Internet home automation devices. The McAfee platform automatically protects all elements of the home at the local network level. And to be implemented in the point of Internet access, is able to control all traffic, both incoming and outgoing. All this focused on preserving privacy along with the security of all the members within the network, that is, of the home.

The protection begins with the inclusion of a parental control, to which functionalities are added that allow to create an “Internet pause”, deactivating the navigation of the devices during a certain period. A way to turn the digital home into a period of physical reunion of the family without distractions from the networks. The secure home platform, Secure Home Platform employs cloud resources and is driven by the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) system, which is always attentive and updated to the last to protect networks and devices in real time against all kinds of emerging threats, such as malware and phishing. The router identifies and registers each IoT device, creating a “footprint” of each, so that it is easy to identify them and keep track of what type, operating system and version each uses, as well as their attempts to connect to WiFi or to Internet. This is very useful to identify possible strange behaviors or possible uncontrolled information leaks.

According to company sources “the adaptive learning system called McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence protects by preventing, detecting and stopping attacks and malicious programs, which allows a more secure user experience when surfing the Internet. Designed for families and smart homes looking for the most advanced network services without sacrificing privacy or security, the DIR-2680 keeps connected devices safe from unwanted intrusions and thefts. Additionally, the parental control features offer a customizable protection for the safe navigation of minors in the home.” And all this unattended and without complex configurations by the user.

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