Deep and Large Freestanding Baths from Phoenix Now Offered At a Lower Price at JT Spas

There are many bathroom product manufacturers featured at JT Spas, and all of these manufacturers have already distinguished themselves as premier providers of various bathroom products. But those who are looking for large and deep freestanding baths will not be disappointed at JT Spas, especially with Phoenix freestanding baths which are now offered at lower prices as well.

JT Spas, a bathroom product supplier, has benefitted numerous customers for a good long time. This supplier of bathroom products makes sure to provide clients with only the best bathroom products they need, whether it’s bathroom furniture or basins, toilets and taps, and shower enclosures. But the freestanding bath is one product which has become especially popular in recent times, and there are many varied reasons for this. One reason is that freestanding baths will always be classically beautiful – they can truly be a spectacular focal point for any bathroom, especially when placed in the middle of the room. But another reason is that freestanding baths come in all shapes and sizes now, so there’s a lot of variation for everyone no matter how large or small one’s bathroom.

But for customers who would like to fill a large bathroom space with an equally spacious and deep freestanding bath, there’s the perfect bath on offer: the Phoenix freestanding double-ended bath, the Assai. The Assai from Phoenix is impressive when it comes to its size – it measures 1700mm by 750mm, making it significantly larger than other freestanding baths on the market today. It’s not only the size which sets the Assai model apart – but it’s also the depth. This freestanding bath has an internal depth of up to 450mm, and this makes it a lot more comfortable for anyone who wants to luxuriate in a bath.

The Assai freestanding bath from Phoenix is now available for only £489, bringing it down from its original price of £699. With this discount, customers can save up to £210. Another aspect which distinguishes the Assai from the rest is its shape. It has a genuinely distinctive geometric shape, with clean, sharp corners and a wide lip. But that’s not all – the freestanding bath uses 5mm acrylic as standard, and it comes with a warranty of 25 years. To check out the latest selection of freestanding baths from Phoenix and other manufacturers at JT Spas, go to

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JT Spas has been a specialist supplier of bathroom products for years, and its selection includes not only bathroom showers and baths but also bathroom furniture, taps, basins, and toilets, and other useful bathroom accessories. To get more information on budget-friendly and beautiful freestanding baths, visit the website. 

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