Evaluation of 5Acoin: The World’s First Pan Ecological Digital Exchange

With the rise and prosperity of the digital cash market, the digital encrypt cash has become more and more popular in the last year. However, choosing the trustworthy service providers on the quite mixed bag of platforms has become the biggest worry for money holding users of long term value investment. The author prefers to provide some convenience for digital cash holders to select platforms through evaluation.

  Evaluation of 5Acoin:The World's First Pan Ecological Digital Exchange

Industry Status:

Infrastructure and Digital Asset Exchange is the most valuable block chain project and the most competitive field in the early development of block chain industry. At present, there are more than 500 large and small exchanges in the world, and there are no less than twenty public chain and underlying agreements project. But what is a good block chain project and a good exchange? Besides the public’s recognition and market value, the evaluation of the third party professional institutions has also become a reference ruler. The same is true for the encrypted digital money market, which is still at an early stage rather than a near destination. There are too many people who don’t know the digital cash. Now, according to the number of wallet addresses + exchange users, it is estimated that there are only tens of millions of users all over the world.

  Evaluation of 5Acoin:The World's First Pan Ecological Digital Exchange

Project Introduction:

5Acoin is an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform. It allows traders and investors to deal with any scale at ease, without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform, the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of the order management system. 5Acoin is committed to building a bridge between the digital cash world and the traditional cash world. While making 5Acoin widely available in the community, it also creates a more virtuous and recyclable ecosphere, including the BDB Mall and Numbasa Digital Asset Bank.

Evaluation of 5Acoin:The World's First Pan Ecological Digital Exchange

Pains of Industry:

1. Block chains are developing rapidly, and more and more users want to participate in transactions, requiring more trading entries.

2. The technology of data processing and security protection in some exchanges is very backward, causing platform congestion and even “downtime”, hacker attacks, causing serious loss of assets.

3. There are more and more block chain projects. However, most of the projects lack liquidity, leading to some high-quality projects can not be better circulated, and the emergence of “bad money to expel good money” situation.

4. The situations of the expensive poundage and principal and the poor experience of the serviceoften occurs. Those big exchanges with high qualifications and backgrounds, and sky-high price principal have become the profiteering harvesters of the cash circle.

Evaluation of 5Acoin:The World's First Pan Ecological Digital Exchange

Features and Functions of 5Acoin

1. Frontier technology: 5A’s frontier technology platform will include matching algorithms and an efficient architecture for trading in spot, bail, forward market and more markets.The platform will have high expansibility, compression, fault tolerance and security.

2. Multilingual support services: the platform of 5A will seek to support popular languages to maximize market coverage. And it will enable users to enable other languages as required.

3. Documents and reports: the platform of 5A will include document generation capabilities and support custom revenue reports to help our users comply with their local tax laws.

4. Information Center: the platform of 5A will provide an information center for all encrypt digital cash that can be traded, and will provide the traders with the required information through user friendly technologies such as chatting robots.

5. Device compatibility: the platform of 5A will be able to run on around all popular web browsers and devices in design. It will provide iOS and Android applications, provide responsive web design for mobile device browsing and provide open RESTAPI for inter exchange docking and other transaction integration projects.

6. Simple and intuitive design: 5A’s simple and intuitive UX / UI will incorporate advanced responsive design and will take ease of use as its construction purpose.

Superiority of 5Acoin:

1. The community is completely autonomous: the operation of the community is entirely the autonomy of the community users. Including the right to vote in the community, the right to vote in the upper currency, the node election and so on are all voted by the community users themselves.

2. High-performance matching engine: through the use of advanced distributed cluster architecture and micro-service development, it independently developed matching transaction engine. With the use of distributed architecture, each transaction can be matched on different servers, so it can reach the ability of linear extension and support 5 million concurrency capabilities.

3. Open platform: it is a technology open and community open trading platform. It can open standard API to enable global users to access quickly or customize the combination of API.

4. New Intelligent System: New Intelligent Trading System realizes automatic currency, intelligent audit, intelligent contract audit and large data wind control.Regarding whether to agree to the upper currency, it is all voted by intelligent subscribers by users holding the AT community. Voting data is recorded on the block chain, so that the data can not be tampered with, the data can be open, transparent, and improve the credibility of the voting results. It will not tamper with the voting result because the hackers break through the system.

5. Security protection: it uses the world’s top security protection strategies and unbiased zero knowledge proof privacy protection technology to protect the privacy of users, and uses the latest multiple security authentication system, data software and hardware protection isolation measures, multi-stage signature of wallet asset signature cold and heat separation technology to protect the security of users’ digital assets.

6. Openness and transparency: It gradually opens up to the community through smart contracts, making all information of the transaction open and transparent in order to receive the supervision of the community.


the concept direction of 5Acoin is still worth affirming, including their characteristics and functions,in which we can see some highlights.Its landing advantage is also very clear, plus the advantages of the project team and the project operation, which is very rare in a large number of block chain landing projects, it can be said that its market prospects are very broad.However, the biggest feature of block chain project is its uncertainty, and it still needs to pay attention to its own investment risk.

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