MiG Arogan Releases New Single Entitled Handz Up

New York tap artist MiG Arogan has released his latest single, Handz Up. Produced by 1Take Recordz, Handz Up is a laid back track which embodied the cheery and relaxed nuances of modern age rap or hip-hop. The latest single is available on iTunes.

Inspired by his love and care for music, MiG Arogan has been rapping since he was young. This Haitian American rapper from New York has his mind set on something more than merely making cool rap music. MIG Arogan was keen on providing high-quality music to everyone.  MiG Arogan Releases New Single Entitled Handz Up 2
MiG Arogan Releases New Single Entitled Handz Up 3

Mig Arogan was keen on creating a movement which welcomes everyone from all walks of life and different backgrounds. He conceitedly represents the label of being an arrogant and the song Handz Up highlight how different MIG is. From his choice of words to his style in rapping, one can see the genuine interest in his incredible voice. His biggest musical inspirations have helped him to hone his craft.

Please visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/handz-up-single/1412321980?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 to download his songs.

Handz Up is beautifully haunting yet up-tempo music that showcases his capability to strike a chord in the soul of every listener. This song was produced by 1Take Recordz, this song perfectly complements his first single, at the same time harnessing a deeper sense of honesty and talent which is not often witnessed by a black rapper.

This man has already created quite a stir in the music community with his debut original song “Addicted to Money” which reached lots of organic plays in Spotify. This song got perfect ratings with its debut on iTunes, while the original concept video has millions of views on YouTube.

Brimming with poise and bolstering confidence, this Haitian rap artist from New York emerges from the indie rap scene in Haiti to announce his international conquest. Through exhibiting maturity, professionalism as well as an excellent example of hard work, he is able to give a reason for his self-proclaimed arrogance as he disputes any rap artists to match his dedication to success.

Using definitive lyricism, cautiously choosing each rhyme and each metaphor, he channels his origins, calling upon the legacy, tradition, values, and culture to reach US market. These same lyrics turn out to be infectious good vibes to his fans and listeners as he rises to super-stardom.

About Mig Arogan:

Mig Arogan is a new rapper from NYC, and his hitting with his 2 singles released this 2018; Handz Up and Addicted to Money. Mickenly Thoby was born on May 8 and better identified by the artistic name MiG Arogan.  He is a Haitian American rapper from New York.  Mig’s parents are from the Republic of Haiti. At first, he was n the rap group called Mastagrad Team prior to going solo.

His name was come from the word “Arrogant,” with the “MiG” in ‘Dutch‘ meaning (“I AM”)  and Arogan OR Arrogant  altered into “MiG Arogan” however Pronounce as M.I.G Arrogant meaning I Am Arrogant.

For more information about Mig Arogan, please feel free to follow him on his Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/migarogan/ and Twitter account at https://twitter.com/migarogan.

Product Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/handz-up-single/1412321980?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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