Data Archiving Through Azure Offered By Liquid Data Systems Substantially Decreases the Cost of Storage

At Liquid Data Systems, businesses which have the need for superior solutions in cloud storage and which are looking for the best email archiving solutions will not be disappointed. And now, Liquid Data Systems confirms that Azure archiving services can substantially decrease a company’s storage costs, by as much as 87%.

UNITED KINGDOM – Liquid Data Systems is comprised of a veritable team of experts in regard to Azure data storage, cloud business intelligence, cloud search, Office 365 email archiving, and a lot more. The Liquid Data Systems team saw the specific need for a more intelligent and practical solution for cloud management, and Liquid Data Systems addressed this need by offering more customized solutions that perfectly adhered to its clients’ requirements.

Companies which require a competent and efficient data migration and information management solution can turn to Liquid Data Systems for their needs, and one of the most successful services offered by Liquid Data Systems is its archiving solutions from Azure. One reason for the success of this service is the fact that it can reduce a company’s costs of storage by up to 87%. Liquid Data Systems knows how beneficial Azure-based data archiving can be, having seen its effects and impact on a good number of its clients. According to Liquid Data Systems, Azure archiving solutions can significantly decrease storage costs, from between 76 and 87%, and, more than this, it can safeguard a company’s precious data assets from ransomware and malware.

But there are many other benefits to Azure archiving solutions, as Liquid Data Systems points out. The service can help companies offload their primary storage, which then allows them to defer or avoid the purchase of new storage. Additionally, Azure archiving can simplify as well as augment a company’s disaster recovery and backup systems. Another prime benefit brought by Azure archiving is related to streamlining – it can effectively help any business streamline their investigation and litigation processes and scenarios, and it can also help businesses comply with various legal requirements for the retention of data. If a company is looking to manage their unstructured assets in regard to data efficiently, Azure archiving solutions can be of great help as well.

But there’s yet another benefit to this kind of service, as confirmed by Liquid Data Systems: it can seamlessly move inactive or low-touch data to the cloud, bringing any business to the next level.

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Liquid Data Systems has been a specialist in Azure archive storage, cloud business intelligence, hybrid cloud storage, and other Azure services for a significant time. For those who would like to secure more information about Liquid Data Systems’ valuable services, visit the company website.  

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