Dry Eye Inner Circle Community with Bootcamp Bonus

Dry Eye Inner Circle Community with Bootcamp Bonus 2

United States – Attention all eye pain sufferers… Finally a way to treat dry eye where you don’t have to continue taking expensive prescription medications and eye drops any longer! Optometrists Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler started up the Dry Eye Inner Circle with hopes of helping people really relieve their dry eyes and initiating the boost to a healthier lifestyle. Millions suffer from dry eye and their lives dramatically change. The Dry Eye Inner Circle is the first and only group like it, where you’ll be held accountable by your peers all over the country, the doctors are with you from start to finish, any questions you have are answered by the doctors and group mentors, and you learn how to naturally relieve your dry eyes.

Dry Eye Inner Circle Community with Bootcamp Bonus 3
Tuesday, August 7th was the first day of registration for the Dry Eye Inner Circle. The first 100 to register will get the bonus of the 8-Week Bootcamp Challenge. Weekly interactive challenges with Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler keep the community driven and on track to dry eye relief. Weekly tests include mandatory relaxation to different foods to avoid, eye power food recipes, meditation tips, exercise routines and so much more. These challenges encourage and remind each person how to treat their eyes and themselves.

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You’ll see a difference in your wallet from not buying overpriced medications and eye drops every week. The program and bonuses (including deals on Heyedrate products) is valued well over $10,000. The Dry Eye Inner Circle only costs $49.99 per month. That’s less than the cost of Restasis and Xiidra per month, and it’s less than a daily Starbucks run. You won’t and can’t get this advice, help, and dry eye bootcamp challenge anywhere else. You’ll definitely start feeling sociable again, and you’ll stop worrying about your eyes looking bloodshot or swollen and just plain hurting while out in public. Your eyes will feel more hydrated and not as dry. You’ll be the best you. Hear what others that signed up for the Dry Eye Inner Circle are saying about it.

Before the 8 week dry eye bootcamp began, member MaryAnn said “I was really getting down because I couldn’t figure out how to treat it (Dry Eye). I was socializing less because I had swelling and dermatitis.” After the 8 week dry eye bootcamp, MaryAnn conveyed her results as being “Much improved. It’s (Dry Eye) manageable now. I like the delicious smoothies, hydration, exercise, feeling healthier and being able to wear contacts again.”

What do you have to lose? It’s 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed. Take a full 30 days and if you don’t feel the difference, you get your money back. WHY wouldn’t you want to feel relief? WHY wouldn’t you want peace of mind? Why wouldn’t you want the quality comfort of wearing contacts again? Here’s how to get signed up before Sunday, August 12th for your chance at total eye, mind and body transformation.

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