Get Kentuckified Launches Vintage Apparel with Famed Kentucky Phrases

If you love the Kentucky lingo and way of life, here is a surprise gift of sorts. Get Kentuckified is a clothing and T-shirt brand that is introducing those all too famous Kentucky phrases and expressions on its product lines.

Get Kentuckified has launched two Kentucky apparel product lines that will bring smiles on people’s faces. The first one carries some down-to-earth Kentucky phrases like, “Y’all ain’t right” and “What in tarnation?” The second vintage Kentucky line carries iconic images such as the 8-pack of glass bottle Coca-Cola, a rusty ol’ horse-drawn plow, moonshine still, etc.

Dennis and Lori, the co-creators of Get Kentuckified, exemplify this way of life every day. The brand pays homage to the kind, quietly intelligent and creative people of Kentucky, while also blending in a musical background that Dennis Duncan carries with him. Dennis hails from Kentucky, but was in LA as a recording artist and creating a record label. He also worked at American Idol seasons 6-9 as a vocal coach, producer and engineer, but later felt the ‘hankering’ to return back home.

Apparel was always in my DNA. I was slinging swag while touring as an artist, and I gained valuable insight working with KISS on their touring merchandise,” Duncan says. “It’s second nature for me. I knew I wanted to create a brand, but the timing wasn’t right. Then I met my girlfriend Lori and it all fell into place”.

Lori too grew up in Kentucky, and went on to complete a Master’s in nursing. She has worked as a Nurse Practitioner for over twenty years. With Duncan’s help, she learned the ropes of the clothing business, finding it fun and rewarding.

Get Kentuckified was born out of conversations Dennis held with Lori, where they would relish using Kentucky phrases and expressions.

It just sort of fell into place”, Duncan says. “There wasn’t a whole lot of pre-planning. Get Kentuckified is an extension of who we are and what we love about Kentucky.”

For those who want more than the average UK Kentucky Shirt, or Louisville Cardinals Shirt, then here is the chance to show some Kentucky Pride and Get Kentuckified. The apparel is designed to capture the comfortable feeling of the old Kentucky home and its southern hospitality, warmth, and beautiful scenery.

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