Matt Currency Will Launch a Brand-new Revolution in Sports Industry

The blockchain will bring new growth points to the trillion-level sports industry. According to the US News Agency, the market value of the global sports industry will reach 254.465 billion US dollars in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 8.1% per year. According to KPMG data, the global sports market (including infrastructure, sports competitions, sports training and related commodities) is worth between US$60 billion and US$700 billion per year, and its growth rate far exceeds the GDP growth of most countries in the world. However, the growth rate of the sports industry will usher in another revolutionary improvement with the arrival of blockchain technology. This seems to have gained a certain consensus in the industry: the features of blockchain technology such as decentralization, transparency, openness, tamperproof, will solve the problems of unclear value definition, unbalanced resource allocation and excessive centralization in this sunrise industry. With the solution of these problems, the sports industry will usher in a new growth point.

The mature development of blockchain technology has given a revolution change to the sports industry. Its distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and intelligent economic system will completely solve the problems brought about by the traditional centralization mechanism of the sports industry, providing convenience of value circulation for all parties related to sports industry. Matt Currency innovatively builds a complete ecosystem of sports, providing an open source, open network platform based on blockchain technology, comprehensively opening up the entire sports industry chain, and enabling the sports industry to have a wider ecological connection and to gain wider access to ecological resources. Matt Currency will redefine the sports industry’s production materials, production relations and productivity with blockchain technology, bringing revolutionary new growth points to the entire sports industry.

In terms of underlying technology, Matt Currency builds the latest underlying blockchain infrastructure with the world’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, providing all sorts of resources for those decentralized apps in Matt Currency ecosystem, such as distributed ledger, smart contracts, digital identity authentication, elastic computing, and containerized management. Matt Currency ecosystem application developers can quickly build new business models based on these resources and quickly realize the infinite value-added of wealth in the sports field.

Matt Currency will not only focus on the trillion-level market in the sports field, but also focus on how to open up resources in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, accelerating the incubation of projects. The founder of Matt Currency said: “Many teams are thinking about how to apply blockchain technology to the sports field. However, to explore the blockchain using on sports industry, except the necessary hard technology, it is more necessary to match enough sports resources offline. In the meantime, the founding team needs to be deeply involved in the sports field and gain insight into the market and the crowd. Since the establishment of the Matt Currency project, we have always held this philosophy.”

“Sports is not just sports, it is also a cross-border label and keyword that can be linked to areas such as health care, education, finance, etc. In this case, Matt Currency can bring sports business participants together from around the world, so they can work together efficiently through blockchain technology.”

 Matt Currency Will Launch a Brand-new Revolution in Sports Industry 2

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