The revolutionary cryptocurrency payment gateway, Jedpay received tens of millions of dollars investments to accelerate the deployment of its payment system

On August 9, the global aggregated payment system for cryptocurrency announced that they have received the first-round investment of tens of millions of dollars, led by Asia’s leading tourism corporate GCR international group and Cambodian financial conglomerate Ly Hour Group. It is reported that the CT Alpha Equity of Thailand Charoen Pokphand Group also expressed its investment intention in Jedpay project and currently negotiating with the team. The Jedpay team stressed that this financing will be used to accelerate project development and the landing of projects, to lay out the global payment strategy in Asia, and to facilitate the transformation of the entire payment industry.

Jedpay is a blockchain-based aggregated payment system for cryptocurrency and a payment gateway helping users to exchange, pay transfer currencies across the world in an efficient and low-cost manner. It consists of three major functions: wallet, exchange, and payment.

The revolutionary cryptocurrency payment gateway, Jedpay received tens of millions of dollars investments to accelerate the deployment of its payment system 2

The traditional centralized payment often has many restrictions and involves intermediary institutions such as banks and clearing houses. Each institution has its accounting system and requires multiple sets of banking infrastructures and many payment admins for clearing and general settlements.

According to Wesker, CEO of Jedpay, “Jedpay’s blockchain-based payment gateway enhances the payment process by eliminating the needs for intermediaries involvement and the peer-to-peer payment technology is designed to facilitate instantaneous and secure settlement of value. Furthermore, Jedpay is the first global payment gateway for cryptocurrency that does not require exchanges or with geographical restrictions. Secure, cheap and instantaneous payment can be achieved when transacting across borders and creating a satisfying cross-border payment experience for global consumers and merchants. Jedpay will revolutionize the payment industry by changing or replacing the traditional banking and making the payment process cheaper and faster.”

Jedpay has been approached by many large cryptocurrency exchanges and been indicated that they are willing to list the Jed coin (token issued by Jedpay) on their platforms. The Jedpay official has not yet announced the list of confirmed exchanges. According to our source, the Jed coin has already listed by some exchanges for attracting platform traffic.

In response, Jedpay’s CEO Wesker said that Jedpay has not yet begun its promotion activities and he is happy to see that exchanges are competing to list Jedpay coins. It indicates the market has recognized the potential and value brought by Jedpay. The blockchain-based aggregated payment system will inevitably be the mainstream payment in the future, and we believe that Jedpay will be the forerunner and the leader in driving the transformation of the payment industry.

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