FireCreek Snacks is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout Distributors 1
FireCreek Snacks is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout Distributors 2
FireCreek Stix are available in three all-natural flavors – Original, Spicy Kicker & Sweet Teriyaki
FireCreek Stix have shattered the stereotype of the typical snack stick by delivering a healthy, all-natural snack with an exceptional taste. The creation of a third-generation meat man, FireCreek Stix are handcrafted the old-fashioned way to give them smokehouse aroma and taste.

Exceptional taste; No artificial ingredients; Gluten-free, Soy-free, MSG-free; High-protein, Low-sugar

Ryan Hansen started FireCreek because he wanted a snack stick that tasted like premium meat. He was guided by the legacy of his family who has been in the meat business since 1952 and created state-champion bratwurst, hams and several award-winning meat brands.

The challenge was capturing the experience of enjoying premium meat in the convenience of a snack stick that can be enjoyed on-the-go. Ryan accomplished his goal by using only premium quality beef and pork sourced from the USA, combining them with simple, yet bold natural seasonings, and finishing every stick with real hardwood hickory smoke.

While the focus has always been on taste, the all-natural approach to creating FireCreek Stix also results in a healthy and convenient snack:

No Artificial Ingredients
Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, MSG-Free
High-Protein, Low Sugar

This unusual combination of being tasty, convenient and healthy has made FireCreek Stix a local sensation throughout southern Illinois. Ryan is excited to expand the brand and let the phenomenon of FireCreek Stix expand to households across the nation.

When FireCreek Stix were premiered at the Kansas City Tasty Expo, Ryan kept hearing feedback that resulted in the snack’s tongue-in-cheek tagline as “The Best Snack in the World.” Ryan loves to lead with that line and then challenge skeptics to give the snack a try:

“It’s always fun to see the reaction when someone tries a FireCreek snack stick for the first time. They’re usually surprised by the texture since it’s different than the big brands they may have tried in the past. But it’s the taste that really gets people fired up. And when they find out it’s healthy too, that’s when they say it’s the best snack they’ve ever had.”

Of course, outdoorsmen and golfers love the sticks, but another unique thing about FireCreek is its following by moms and children. Parents can feel good about giving their children a snack that’s nutritious, and kids simply love the taste.

Kayla, a mother of twin five-year-old boys from Godfrey, Illinois explains the draw for her family:

“We always have FireCreek Stix on-hand. My boys love the flavor, and they’re perfect when we’re out at the waterpark or hanging out with Dad on the golf course. I also pack a stick in their lunchbox – they’re such a great alternative to a candy bar.”

FireCreek Stix make the perfect snack for outdoor enthusiasts, golfers, campers, sports teams, office break rooms or anyone craving a healthy, exceptionally-tasty snack. They also make an ideal fundraiser or gift.

Are FireCreek Stix really The Best Snack in the World? Give them a try for yourself and you’ll likely agree that they can’t be beat. FireCreek Stix are available in three flavors: Original, Spicy Kicker and Teriyaki.

FireCreek Stix may be purchased at a wide variety of convenience stores, retailers, golf pro shops and grocery stores or online at

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