2018 Global Agriculture and Food Industry Forum held in New York

Currently, the adjustment of Sino-US trade policies has a huge impact on the global agriculture and food industry. The impact of its policy impact on future global agricultural trade is the focus of the industry, especially on US-CN agriculture and food industries. Therefore, in this context, BIG-GAFI Forum is launched in New York by representatives of Chinese and American companies, aiming to provide an open communication platform for global agriculture, food enterprises and investment institutions.

2018 Global Agriculture and Food Industry Forum held in New York 2

2018 Global Agriculture and Food Industry Forum (BIG-GAFI Forum) was held on September 25th, 2018 in New York. The venue was Viceroy Central Park in Manhattan, as shown in above picture. Multiple renowned business specialists attended the conference, including co-found of Marcum Group Mr. Neil Pinchuk, CEO of Global Growth Advisory Mr. Osten Johanson, President and CEO of Beijing Bric Group from China, Mr.Sun Tong,etc.

This conference is the preparatory meeting of the BIG-GAFI Forum in New York. Under the theme of “the adjustment of American foreign trade policy and its impact on US-CN agriculture and food industry”, business leaders and scholars in the field of US-CN agricultural trade are invited to attend this conference.

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Group photo of some Chinese attendees and media representatives

Co-founder of Marcum Group Mr. Neil Pinchuk accepted the interview by New York ZUN Media. Marcum Group is an organization providing a comprehensive range of professional services spanning accounting and advisory, technology solutions, wealth management and executive and professional recruiting… Marcum LLP is one of the largest independent public accounting and advisory firm, with over 1300 professionals and over 20 offices in multiple states in America.

Speaking from the perspective of American companies, Neil Pinchuk, a partner at Macum group in New York, said the trend would continue as the US and China have been important trading partners for years. However, the adjustment of the US trade policy also has a lot of complex impacts on the US-CN trade. The future trade development between US and China faces challenges. As a company, we should see the opportunities behind these challenges.

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Mr. Sun Tong, president and CEO of Bric Group from China, accepted the interview by ZUN Media. According to SUN, Bric developed from an agricultural information company to agricultural consulting, and to the current B2B agricultural E-Commerce platform. He began to visit America in July this year, and found rich opportunities in Sino-US trading.

SUN tong, President and CEO of BRIC agriculture group which based in Beijing,China, said that the current background of international trade is both a challenge and an opportunity for the development of agriculture and food industries in China and US. As an enterprise with an international perspective, it should analyze the current situation from a strategic perspective, focus on the development of the industry itself, and maintain positive communication between enterprises.

Taking the rapid growth of BRIC’s business in recent years as an example, Mr. SUN also discussed how US-CN agriculture-related enterprises can catch the rapid development trend of Chinese agriculture and cross-border e-commerce to form a benign complementary industrial advantage and create a win-win situation.

The escalating CN-US trade war has caused incalculable losses to the economy, trade and agriculture of the two countries. The entire crop production and breeding industry are suffering heavy losses from the trade war, which is furthermore impacting the agricultural processing, distribution, machine producing, seeds, fertilizer etc. in the food supply chain. The trade war causes the US to lose China’s market share, to undergo profound changes in the production structure, to suffer from oversupply and falling prices, to go through the sowing area reduction of soybean and corn, to endure farm income decrease and employment contracting.

As a country with 1.4 billion populations, China is short of per capita resources. China has the reality require purchasing agricultural products from the US, who has a complementary industrial structure with China. Chinese consumers are willing to buy more products from the US, especially those with high quality and low price.

President Sun introduced that Bric had established business tie with local firm in NYC Xhome, aiming to connect American companies with Asian market. Sun believes American agricultural products especially organic products have very huge market in China. After NYC, they will branch in Sao Paulo and Jakarta.

Xhome Company President, BIGAgri CEO David Quan, tells us that in the field of agriculture and food industry between China and the United States has much complementary, although it is affected by a trade war. Xhome is engaged in cross-border e-commerce business, and the business market in China is still growing rapidly. Chinese consumers have huge demand for high-end organic agricultural food produced in US. New BIG Agri will focus on cross-border agricultural trading, providing market information, strategic advice and investment and financing services for US-branded food and organic agriculture into emerging markets.

At the meeting, Xhome, inc., signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NONGMUREN.COM, an e-commence mall in Jiangsu, China, to provide Chinese consumers with more high-quality organic agricultural products. This is a large market with nearly 1.4 billion people and all parties are full of expectations.

The delegates agreed that China and US should stop trade wars, reducing the damage to agricultural interests and jobs, and not let agriculture and farmers bear the consequences of retaliatory trade measures. We hope that the two countries can effectively resolve the differences between China and US through negotiations and that China-US economic and trade relations will develop in a healthy way. We are looking forward to win-win cooperation in global agriculture and food.

2018 Global Agriculture and Food Industry Forum held in New York 5
President Sun Tong of Bric Group (right) was communicating with media and business professionals

The Chinese enterprise representative of the conference is also one of the initiators of the Forum,who estabished the America branch company BIGAgri in September,2018.Since its establishment in 2008, BRIC Agricultural Group has explored a path to serve the agricultural modernization transformation through the innovation of “Big Data+Industrial Internet+ Finance” and has become a leading intelligent agricultural solution provider in China, undertaking several agricultural consulting projects of the world’s top 500. In the future, BRIC will further strengthen international agricultural exchanges and cooperation and promote the development of modern agricultural industry with the intelligent agricultural ecosystem. BRIC will take an open stance, establishing itself in China and then go global, and contribute to the new future of world agricultural development.

2018 Global Agriculture and Food Industry Forum held in New York 6
President Sun Tong of Bric Group (right) was accepting the interview by the Wall Street Multimedia

In order to expand the overseas market, BRIC Agricultural Group had the idea of listing in the United States stock market.Sun Tong said in a previous interview with Wall Street media that the company had completed three rounds of financing in China before, the unique development model has been received great recognition,He firmly believes that this model can bring more opportunities for global agricultural development. ”There will be a robust and sustained development after we march toward the capital market, listing on NASDAQ will be the first choice for the company to enter the capital market in the future,” Sun Tong said.

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