China-hifi-Audio Announces Lite Tube Audiophile Preamp & Xiangsheng Amplifiers Available In Their Online Store At Best Prices

Besides maintaining affordable prices, China-hifi-Audio also brings tubes, amplifiers and other products online for music lovers from different brands, such as Lite and Xiangsheng.

Purchasing products online is a new trend. For music lovers, there is a one online store that brings an entire range of tubes, amplifiers and other products at affordable prices. One can now purchase products from leading brands without visiting a store. China-hifi-Audio allows customers to explore its stock of amplifiers and other musical instruments sitting at home and can place an order for chosen products. The online store supplies products at the doorstep of the customers.

According to the spokesperson of China-hifi-Audio, they have the 100% brand new Lite tube Preamp in their stock in the original edition box. The audiophile preamplifier is available in three different colors of black, silver and gold. The spokesperson states that one can also choose a remote control with this preamp; however, the price of the remote control will have to be paid additionally by the customer. The preamp comes fitted with powerful components for its strong performance. For example, the circuit voltage amplification is powered by MARKLEVINSON 20.5 and the famous LM394 twin transistor input with a servo circuit. With an aluminum panel chassis, the construction of the preamp is lightweight but robust. With double-sided gold plated PCB, the circuit is more stable for an improved performance.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Lite Tube Audiophile Preamp & Xiangsheng Amplifiers Available In Their Online Store At Best Prices

The online HiFi audio tube amplifier shop also has the Xiangsheng 728a preamplifier in its stock, which is available in both versions with and without key to adjust bass and treble. This preamp is the upgraded version of its 2015 model and comes with an improved specification now. The new version is available in an extraordinary appearance with a clean and more reasonable interior layout. Its input interface features gold-plated RCA lotus seat and which can reduce the contact resistance. The power supply line features the three-plug socket that is easy to replace or upgrade the power cord. The network filter and the purification circuit of the device can effectively filter out the interference for a user to enjoy a clutter-free sound. The spokesperson states that the preamp uses an antique oil capacitor and other polypropylene capacitor coupling.

The Xiangsheng DAC-05B is another remarkable product in their stock that customers will be interested in. The DAC is available with two different color options with a black front panel and silver front panel. At the same time, customers can choose the DAC with either an R-core transformer or a toroidal transformer. The spokesperson states that the DAC has now been upgraded with a bigger R-core transformer for more power and to generate nicer sound. This DAC model supports the exclusive XMOS paid driver, and is far better than the version that supports the free version only. This paid version can also support the DSD hardware decode.

To know more about the preamp and the DAC included in the stock of China-hifi-Audio, one can visit the website

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