Charming Yichuan – Opening For The World | Why Are So Many Foreign Students In Yichuan?

Charming Yichuan • Opening For The World|| What Happen To Yichuan? Why So Many Foreign Students Here......

As a city that is beside Hukou waterfall, Yichuan will be known in the world. From Oct. 22 to 23, the delegation comprised by doctors and postdoctors of Xi’an Jiaotong University from the Middle East, Central Asia and other countries, media agencies, tourism industry professionals, some leaders and other guests gathered in Yichuan county, Yan’an city, Shaanxi province, participating in the educational tourism activity ‘Foreigner’s view of Hukou, Autumn’s view of Yichuan’ co-hosted by Yichuan CPC committee and Yichuan county government, organized by Yichuan tourism development commission.

People from various circles gathered here to visit Hukou waterfall, contribute their thoughts and experience northern Shaanxi culture. This activity has been attracted attention of many authoritative media such as domestic travel and food masters, Chief Editor, Auto Silk Road, SL China, Over 400 mainstream media in North America, The United Kingdom and Europe all reported this event. After the visit, they all share photos and impressions on their own social network, becoming active transmitters of Chinese culture.

Experience the autumn scenery of Yichuan, enjoy the romantic charm of China

Experience the autumn scenery of Yichuan, enjoy the romantic charm of China

Yichuan, as the name implies, is a ‘livable place good for tourism and work’. It’s located in north of Shaanxi province, neighboring red revolutionary city Yan’an in the north, ancient city Xi’an in the south, and Shanxi province in the east across the Yellow River. As the transportation junction of northern Shaanxi and with a gross area of 2931 square kilometers and a total population of 120 thousand, thousand-year-old Yichuan is full of legend.

During the two-day educational tourism activity, foreign university students and the group visit from Xi’an to thousand-year-old ancient Yichuan. Local people welcomed the tourists with Yichuan yangko full of strong loess character and Hukou drum show deep in ancient customs. These activities with Shaanxi traditional culture instantly attract the attention of visiting group.

Getting close to Yellow River, magnificent Hukou waterfall, featured products like apple and crisp pear, the guests marveled at the historic culture and folk customs of Yichuan. Being part of the elegant scenery, the visitors enjoyed a miraculous experience of landscape tour and can’t help taking snap shots at many charming sights.

The educational tourism activity this time practically said no to window-shopping like ‘Sleep in bus and snap in sight routine’, emphasizing the ‘Participation’. It combined current popular trends like Tik Tok and talk-show, actually focusing the balance of both research and tourism. Meanwhile, they carried on an impressive academic interaction with teachers and students in Yichuan Middle School, which greatly motivated them, inspired their thoughts, and enhanced their spirits. This event not only enriched the life experience of foreign students, but also exhibited to the world the grand beauty of Yichuan.

Deeper integration of 'Tourism & Culture' push forward tourism development in the whole Yichuan

Deeper integration of ‘Tourism & Culture’ push forward tourism development in the whole Yichuan

In recent years, as a new pattern of ‘tourism & culture’, the ‘Educational tourism’ concept attracts more attention quietly in Shaanxi and become one of Top 10 new operational types of tourism. This activity builds a bridge of culture exchange between China and foreign countries in the way of tourism & culture research, attracts the attention of foreign friends via featured products like Yichuan apple and folk customs of yangko and drum show. As well as an opportunity for students to cultivate the scientific literacy and exploring spirit, it is also Yichuan’s debut on its fast stepping towards the world.

The beautiful scenery and long history of Yichuan have be disseminated by many foreign students to the world via their international perspectives. It certainly will promote integration and development of Yichuan tourism resources, push forward local tourism development in the whole area.

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