CYCJET “B” Series Industrial Inkjet Printer Widely Used In Daily Products Industry


Inkjet Printer is widely used in daily products industry, Portable color Touch Screen Inkjet System Compact, cost-effective, durable, industrial date ink-jet printer.

Dairy industry – Prospects and packaging

The outlook for the dairy industry is considerable, especially as income growth and country/regional urbanization progress, and more and more individuals tend to take calories from protein (including dairy products) rather than carbohydrates (such as grains). This element means an increase in demand for dairy products, driven by increased incomes in emerging markets. For example, in Asia areas, dairy and cheese products are favored by more and more consumers.

At the same time, responding to consumer demand for convenience is growing, and manufacturers are beginning to offer newer, smaller packages. For example, the re-sealable vertical bag and the four-packed 100ml yoghurt can not only meet the requirements of small-volume packaging, but also meet the needs of “take it and go” to avoid carrying, avoid food waste, and resist the increase of obesity rate.

Another trend is the rapid increase in transparency in the food supply chain, where consumers want to know information about the company’s purchases, the nutritional content of the food, and the source of the raw materials.

If have online inkjet printer to code products, When choosing foods, consumers are considering more and more comprehensive factors, not only the date of production, taste, and appearance of the packaging. They also want to know the nutrition of the food and the source of the raw materials, as well as the information of manufacturers and retailers. And even corporate values. Companies must be able to communicate this holistic view to consumers and provide them with relevant information in an open and transparent manner.

CYCJET“B” Series Industrial Inkjet Printer Widely Used In Daily Products Industry

Selection of coding equipment – Elements to consider

01)CYCJET customer research shows that in addition to the ease of setup and use inkjet printer, the key factor in the code or marking requirements for dairy products to print is the accuracy and durability of the code.

At present, the printing requirements of most dairy products are relatively reasonable and simple, but there are always uncertainties in the future food labeling regulations. Dairy manufacturers can choose the coding marking machine that will be used in the future, that is, the printer that can be integrated into the production system at any time, so as to quickly respond to changing trends, customer requirements or regulations without investing in new equipment.

02)You need to investigate the overall acquisition cost of purchasing any new machine. Among the considerations are the initial price, as well as reliability and consumables costs during the life of the machine. A low purchase price but frequent failures will not pay off.

As with all other purchase decisions, dairy companies must carefully evaluate all available options when selecting a coding scheme that meets their needs, taking into account important factors such as line speed, code content, production environment, and total acquisition cost.

03)As consumer preferences and new product developments drive demand for new packaging types, the ability of code-coding devices to provide clear codes of varying complexity at different points in the production line and on the widest range of substrates will be judged Whether it can deal with important factors of future demand.

CYCJET“B” Series Industrial Inkjet Printer Widely Used In Daily Products Industry 

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