Karren Kenney to Represent Clients in Federal Courts Nationwide and Local County Courts In California

Newport Beach, CA – November 1st, 2018 – Karren Kenney, a well-known and respected criminal defense attorney in California, is ready to show her criminal defense prowess in representing her clients in different federal courts nationwide as well as local courts in California. Through her extensive jury trial experience, she is considered to be the top criminal defense attorney.

She represents her clients on a local level in the courtroom and nationwide in federal courts, providing the best result with the help of her outstanding skills in handling each case strategically. Being a criminal defense attorney, she has the ability to obtain her clients’ understanding about different charges. After meeting with the client, she will conduct a careful review of the available evidence against the client to determine whether it was obtained legally.

Ms. Kenney, as a criminal attorney, shows her great interest in winning each case by showing incomparable enthusiasm. She has the best ability in representing a client from the start of the case up to the end. Her persistence helps her to continue what she had started even in the most difficult situations.

For so many years, Attorney Kenney has shown her strong work ethic in solving complex criminal legal problems.  No matter how difficult the criminal case is, she makes sure that the situation favors her client.

Kenney achieved being the top criminal defense attorney through her remarkable self-discipline. She spends many hours doing research as well as investigating each defense available to her client.  Her clients never doubt her ability as a criminal defense attorney and her results show why.

During different hearings, Kenney is always ready in presenting facts. She makes sure that her clients have trust in her abilities through consistent research and meetings. Through her years of service in the criminal justice system, many criminal case clients have received amazing results, completely satisfied with her services.

Attorney Kenney has successfully handles complex criminal cases that are currently in different stages of criminal prosecution, and still welcomes more opportunities to assist others. She is known to be a criminal defense lawyer who is fearless in the courtroom and provides effective criminal defense.

About Karren Kenney:

Karren Kenney has more than 20 years as a criminal defense attorney. She successfully defended various criminal cases involving white collar crime, theft, gang cases, driving under the influence of alcohol, domestic violence, murder and more, making her a top criminal defense attorney. She is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and has specialization skills in complex related cases involving White Collar Crime.

For more information about Karren Kenney, visit her website at https://kenneylegaldefense.us or email her team at kenneylegaldefensecorp@gmail.com

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