China-hifi-Audio Announces Cayin Audio Amplifiers in Stock Available for Global Supply

For music lovers around the world, China-hifi-Audio now announces the availability of all types of Cayin amplifiers at affordable prices.

 China-hifi-Audio stocks amplifiers from all major brands. They have now different Cayin amplifiers for music lovers around the world. All Cayin products are known for their astounding features and people prefer buying amplifiers from this company for their extraordinary music listening experience. China-hifi-Audio allows customers to purchase these amplifiers online at reasonable prices.

According to the company spokesperson, the Cayin Audio amplifiers in their stock are 100% brand new and they ship these amplifiers in the original edition boxes to the customers. Most of these tube integrated amplifiers are also power amplifiers and come with a remote control. With pure handmade construction and point to point scaffolding, these amplifiers are robust enough to last longer and ensure a significant performance throughout the lifecycle. Moreover, the presence of the tube protective cover makes the amplifier even more durable and also adds to its portability. The amplifier also features an all aluminum shell enclosure with the CNC production to help maintain its toughness. The pure evacuated tube helps in controlling the noise to its lowest levels.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Cayin Audio Amplifiers in Stock Available for Global Supply

The online tube amplifier store has maintained a significant Cayin amplifier ollection, seeing the demand of these amplifiers among customers all across the globe. These amplifiers are well recognized among customers for taking them to another world, full of music and melody. Available with one year warranty, the amplifiers offer long-lasting performance and high voltage rectification. With handmade soldering, the amplifier achieves a classy structure with a fine detailing. The amplifier comes fitted with two high quality wide frequency EI output transformers and a specially designed toroidal power transformer. The spokesperson reveals that all Cayin brand amplifiers are reliable with their quality components and a robust built.

The spokesperson gives an example of the Cayin A-88T MK2 tube integrated amplifier, and speaks about its adorable features. According to him, this amplifier can be used with three different types of tubes to get three distinct types of sounds. Moreover, its optimized amplifier circuit improves the sound quality. The amplifier also comes fitted with high-end components, such as Japan’s Takman carbon film resistor and high-end coupling capacitors for an improved musical performance. The external BIAS adjustment feature facilitates adjustment of power tube operations. It also comes with the new power amplified tube selector switch that helps in the easy replacement of EL series and KT series tubes. Besides an elegant appearance, the amplifier comes with a perfect protection circuit to avoid any damage to the power supply of the amplifier.

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