Introducing Jax.Net, the Payment Platform of the Future

Introducing Jax.Net, the Payment Platform of the Future 2

Kiev, Ukraine – Jax.Net is pleased to announce that its revolutionary new payment platform will be launched by the end of the year. A division of JaxCorp, Jax.Net is on a mission to help move value around the planet by bringing payments to everyone, anywhere.

“A faster, safer and more efficient payment system is very much in need at this point in time,” says Jax.Net founder Vinod Manoharan. “Trade has globalized and borders are close to non-existent. But the international payment system is lagging behind and has made few improvements. Meanwhile, the technology to make global payments fast and seamless does exist.”

According to Manoharan, what’s needed is not a quick fix to the current system, but something new and more secure:

“Jax.Net is the perfect solution. It’s a value transfer system for Jax.Network. Using Blockchain technology, payments can be sent and received instantly, to or from anyone in the world.”

Jax.Net offers a number of advantages:

  • It’s completely secure and can’t be hacked. Payments are secured using Blockchain Technology and can only be signed by the transferor using biometric methods
  • It has no borders, and can be used to pay anyone, anywhere on the planet, without complicated paperwork. Transactions are in full compliance with KYC and AML policies.
  • It’s exceptionally fast. Payments can be processed within 10 to 15 seconds for most transactions (as compared to the current system that averages 3 days.) And merchants have the option of choosing the finality setting.

“Everyone agrees that the current system simply isn’t working,” adds Manoharan. “And everyone agrees that a Blockchain-based system is the way to go. Jax.Net is that payment system.”

Jax.Net will make money by charging a commission on transfers. The commission itself will be small, but the sheer volume of transactions will make it a reliable source of revenue. The company’s conservative scenario projections estimate that Jax.Net will begin to earn $1.9 billion from its third year of operations.

“Jax.Net will unquestionably become the clear choice for anyone looking for the ultimate payment solution,” Manoharan concludes.

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