Thai Tattoos Recounts the Historical Significance of the Art of Tattoo in Thai Culture

For thousands of years, human culture has always had a knack for decorating their skin with colorful inks for various reasons, often religious and spiritual. Thai tattoos, in particular, has remained relatively unchanged and has always been associated with spirituality together with the Buddhist religion.

Thai Tattoos recounts the historical significance of the art of tattoo in Thai culture. It also offers the invaluable info regarding the origin, history, and importance of tattooing. Today, though in a few circles, Thai tattoos, as a form of body alteration for decoration, is being acknowledged as an art form itself.

Tattoos have existed in human culture for thousands of years. Humanity has been decorating their skins for various reasons, whether it is for cultural or religious reasons. Various ancient graves have been discovered all over the world with human remains showing a clear sign of having been decorated with permanent ink. Even today the art of tattoo is thriving. Major cities like London and New York have more than half of its residents claiming to have gotten one or more tattoos. Although the reason for getting one has moved away from religious reasons into something seen as decorative, it is still seen as an integral part of human society.

South East Asian countries have a shared root when it comes to permanent skin decoration. An ancient form of tattoo art has been associated with the “Tai” culture in southwestern China and northern Vietnam thousands of years ago. It has spread to neighboring areas that are known today as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand and became an integral part of their religious and cultural practice. Traditionally, these skin art were used to evoke magical powers on the individual. The designs symbolize protection, good health, and wealth. These are usually done by a shaman who summons spirits to imbue the tattoo with special powers and prayers.

Traditional Thai tattoos come in several beautiful design and concept. Archeologists have uncovered ancient artifacts decorated with animals like lizards, snakes, tigers, and eagles along with mythical creatures like dragons and garudas. These are all common tattoo design that has existed for thousands of years up to the present. The tattoo process has also remained relatively unchanged. They still use black ink made of soot and vermillion for red. Charcoal and burnt lard have also been used traditionally as ink. The ink is deposited into the superficial layer of the skin using a thin shaft of wood, usually bamboo, with a very sharp metal tip. The process takes longer than today’s modern method but it yields great results in color and in the details of the design.

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