25Cab.com is a Revolutionizing Platform in the U.S Ridesharing Industry

25Cab.com is a new ridesharing platform that is unlike any other, ethical in practice and offering customized services to passengers and drivers.

Houston, Texas – November 06, 2018 – 25Cab.com is a new entrant in the ridesharing industry, and is set to bring about a change in the sector with its ethical practices, fair deals and very effective business model. It aims to revive the ridesharing industry with a strict eye on the quality and operations front. It expects to transform how drivers go about their business. It will also provide passengers with wide options to customize services as per their own requirements.

It is in contrast with other ridesharing agencies like Uber in the sense that it does not take a commission from the earnings of drivers, which actually helps end the exploitation of drivers – a big issue in the transport industry. Every driver can keep his full earnings without any hidden fees associated to the same. It is futuristic ridesharing at its best, and it is easier for drivers to make money through its platform.

Those who register on the 25Cab.com can set rates of their own and can freely accept many types of straightforward payment, while being obliged to accept a type of non-monetary payment at least. Passengers can freely choose a driver of their own and use the app of 25Cab.com to set their own driver preferences. They can also rate, favorite, blacklist or review every driver and his activity, and indefinitely save it. The identities of every driver signing up with 25Cab.com are connected to each passenger and each ride, thus making the process securer.

The rideshare platform does not sell the personal details of users or charge their cards going beyond the subscription plans of drivers. There is not even a cent charged for verification of new drivers. Drivers who are new and register with 25Cab.com can drive for free for 8 months. After that time, they can pick any of the competitively priced subscription packages that can cost 7.99 USD every month or 3.99 USD annually.

25Cab.com aims to improve the safety aspect of the ridesharing industry. It trains every driver step by step, and sets their ID proof with every important document and ID proof. The identities of drivers are associated to every ride. Passengers can expect more safety while choosing a driver for their transportation needs. Its app records the activities of every driver registered with it, and saves the information for an indefinite period of time. It is a free platform for passengers.

The peer to peer platform connects social media, reviews and mobile website application. People who are interested to become a ridesharing entrepreneur on 25Cab.com can easily know more about setting up a ridesharing business of their own by filling up a suitable application form on its official site.

About 25Cab.com

A unique global P2P ridesharing platform, 25Cab.com is extremely user-friendly and makes use of the latest ridesharing coordination technology. Users can easily share reviews on the web and use social networking platforms to connect with each other.

For further information or enquiries, visit https://25cab.com/

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