Exhibition Industry Leaders Strokes Exhibits LLC and Asterix Kraftworks LLC Join Forces for Expo 2020

Exhibition Industry Leaders Strokes Exhibits LLC and Asterix Kraftworks LLC Join Forces for Expo 2020 2

Dubai, UAE – Throughout history, exhibitions have stood for collaboration and innovation. For this year’s Expo 2020 Dubai, interiors and events industry leaders Strokes Exhibits LLC and Asterix Kraftworks LLC are teaming up to help make Expo 2020 the best yet through their event requirements and pavilion construction techniques.

Dubai will be the first Middle Eastern city to host the highly celebrated World Expo. WorldExpoDubai is anticipating a significant profit benefit of around $6.9 billion from the infrastructure projects surrounding the popular event. Expos are known to include huge construction activity, outside investments, and other big financial benefits. Strokes Exhibits LLC, an exhibition company in Dubai, is facing the daunting challenge of handling such a large event; fortunately, they are teaming up with Asterix Kraftworks LLC, another top exhibition company in Dubai, to tackle this mega exhibition.

Both Asterix Kraftworks LLC and Strokes Exhibits LLC are leaders in the Dubai exhibition industry, which is why they are able to handle the busy event management season in stride. Oftentimes, the spike in outsourced staff demand is too much for an inexperienced company to handle, but this team has already began calculating and deciding on their hiring plans for promoters, event managers, organisers, support staff, and other helpers.

Asterix boasts over 25 years of experience, which shows in their arsenal of modern equipment and highly skilled labour force and connections. Specialising in the design and construction of unique interior solutions, their detail-oriented mind-set and willingness to work with others poses a promising foundation for a bond between them and Strokes. This partnership is a milestone in Dubai’s exhibition industry and will encourage other exhibition companies in Dubai to collaborate.

Both of these companies aim to represent the events industry as highly as possible by showcasing their unique interior design and construction during this revolutionary Expo. Although they are joining hands, both companies will respectively maintain their specific branding while also utilising their mutual strengths so that they are able to cater to all kinds of specialised niches.

The future of this industry in the UAE is looking positive, and many new jobs are expecting to come of this event by 2020. The collaboration between Strokes and Asterix will start business off right, encouraging other companies to follow in their footsteps and create the most innovative exhibitions possible.

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