Long Time Respected Colorado Springs Midwife Open First Colorado Springs Birth Center

Long Time Respected Colorado Springs Midwife Open First Colorado Springs Birth Center 2

Pregnancy is a challenge. Anyone who has been there knows that one of the greatest blessings in life can also be one of life’s biggest challenges, physically, emotionally, and mentally. With that in mind, Beginnings Birth Center in Colorado Springs has been designed to help you and educate you throughout your pregnancy so that you can overcome the challenges and focus on the blessings of becoming a mother. 

A Rising Trend 

Advances in medical science over the last 100 years have completely changed the way childbirth takes place. Generally, when people think of modern childbirth they picture a hospital room full of doctors and nurses and a plethora of machines monitoring the mother’s every breath and heartbeat. Many people cannot imagine childbirth any other way, but there are other options. The hospital setting can work perfectly for some mothers and can be completely necessary in the case of high risk pregnancies, but some mothers are looking for something a little more personal such as a home birth or giving birth at a birthing center like Beginnings. 

As recently as 2004, the CDC has stated that only 0.86% of births took place outside of a hospital setting, but that number has been gradually increasing since that time. By 2012 that percentage had nearly doubled and continues to climb. Of the 3.8 million babies born in the US in 2017, approximately 76,000 of those births took place outside the hospital. Although giving birth at home or in a birthing center may seem strange to some, many women are finding that these are options that they want to explore. 

Birthing Options 

There are two main birthing options offered through Beginnings: home birth and birth at their new birthing center. Home birth is exactly what the name implies: the opportunity to give birth in the comfort and security of your own home. Many women report that giving birth at home made them feel more confident, some also report experiencing less pain and faster labor at home. Partners also feel more involved during home births when compared to hospital births. Although home birth is not for everyone, the majority of pregnancies are low risk enough that home birth is a viable option. The nurse-midwives at Beginnings will help to educate you about home birth and set you up with a customizable home birth kit. They also offer water birth services during home births. They can provide an inflatable birthing tub that can be set up in your home so that you can have the birthing experience that is right for you. 

The brand new birth center at Beginnings is also a wonderful option for those who want to skip the hospital-based care but are worried about being too far away from emergency care in the chance that it is required. The birth center is located close to the hospital if the need to transfer arises, but it is far from the clinical atmosphere of the traditional hospital. Beginnings strives to offer a relaxed, comfortable, and safe atmosphere within which you can give birth to your baby the way you feel most comfortable. They currently offer three spa-like birthing suites to choose from, decorated in different styles to match your taste. Follow Beginnings Birth Center on Facebook to see photos and keep up on all the news concerning the birth center. 

No matter what stage of life or pregnancy you are in, the nurse-midwives and nurses at Beginnings will take care of you. They provide medical care and offer education concerning a variety of subjects such as childbirth, child care, and lactation. They even offer small groups for parents in all stages of parenthood, from just starting out to seasoned veterans. Beginnings offers the community feel and personalized treatment that more and more parents are seeking. By offering birthing options outside of the traditional hospital setting, they are giving women the opportunity to take control of their pregnancy and gain the confidence they need for the life changing experience of childbirth and parenthood.

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