New Junk Removal Company Launches In London Ontario

New Junk Removal Company Launches In London Ontario 2

London, Ontario – London Junk Removals Services are delighted to announce that they are now officially open for business serving the needs of landlords and other clients in and around London Ontario. The company specializes in performing the jobs that other people don’t want to do such as estate clean outs, bad tenants mess and detritus, and general garbage disposal.

The company will remove items that most competitors refuse to take, such as paint, gas, oil engines and lawnmowers, which means that landlords can quickly move forward with repairing their properties in order to get them rented out again and generating income. Garbage disposal might seem like a quick and easy job for landlords to deal with, but the reality is often much different. The vast majority of landlords don’t have the time, the equipment, or the inclination to get rid of other people’s rubbish, but with the launch of London Junk Removals, this need no longer be a problem.

“As the owner and founder of London Junk Removals, I am convinced that there is a huge market for our services,” said Jamie Letourneau of London Junk Removals. “Although there are millions of excellent tenants, it is not those people who cause landlords problems. When a landlord has the misfortune to rent out their property to a nightmare tenant the results can be disastrous, with damage caused to the property, dirt, and filth left everywhere. Although we cannot repair the damage, we will quickly and efficiently clear out the premises of all the rubbish, enabling the owner to quickly get the property cleaned and any damage fixed. The quicker this is done, the quicker the property can be generating income again.”

London Junk Removals Services is a locally owned and operated waste removal service. The company specializes in working for landlords whose tenants have left behind large quantities of mess and destruction. They will take all the junk that most other companies in London Ontario simply will not take.

For more information about the company or to obtain a free quotation, visit their website at

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Company Name: London Junk Removal Services
Contact Person: Jamie Letourneau
Email: Send Email
Phone: 519-328-3207
Address:505-951 Commissioners Rd E
City: London
State: ON
Country: Canada

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