Prevent Catastrophic Gas Leaks Resulting from Earthquakes with Advance Earthquake Shutoff Values

Prevent Catastrophic Gas Leaks Resulting from Earthquakes with Advance Earthquake Shutoff Values 2

Depending on the seismic level of an earthquake, it’s movement could be described anywhere from slight, moderate, to extremely violent. When at its worst level, the shaking movement could potentially destroy or cause damage to public and private property. It could also damage utility lines and facilities such as natural gas pipelines. 

Without a fail-safe device to protect the pipe system, an earthquake could cause gas leaks or even fires. It could also cause explosions when the leakage encounters a combustible material. To prevent catastrophic damage to property and lives, install an advance earthquake or seismic valve into the existing residential or commercial pipeline. 

What are Earthquake Valves? 

Also known as earthquake shutoff valves, these seismic preventive devices are integrated into the gas meter as a safety or preventative measure against leaks. Earthquake valves automatically cut off the supply of gas once it detects a certain level of seismic activity. This is an important fail-safe method for any residential or commercial gas line. 

Two Types of Earthquake Valves 

Earthquake valves come in two options. The shut-off type automatically closes the system when it detects movement. The other option closes the gas line when it detects an unusual excess flow of gas. Its flow sensor could be triggered when it detects damage to the pipelines. Any of these two valve options can be purchased from product manufacturers and retailers. Proper installation requires the assistance of a licensed contractor. 

Choosing an Earthquake Valve 

When purchasing an earthquake valve always think if the product features could provide immediate responses to earthquakes. Also, one should also consider other factors such as the cost of purchasing and installing the valve into the existing pipeline. The price of a seismic valve depends on the size and features of the device. Hiring a licensed contractor to install the device should also be considered when calculating the installation costs. The specifications also matter when choosing a seismic valve. Always check with the local public utility office for the appropriate size and valve requirements for residential or commercial systems. 

Earthquake valves are important components of a property safety and security plan. During an earthquake, forgetting to shut off a gas line is possible. Forgetting to do so could expose the home potential damage from leaks or fires. Installing a seismic valve in the gas line could prevent these disasters from happening since the device could automatically shut off the system.

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