German Liectroux Agricultural Robot Injects New Vitality Into Agricultural Development

As the saying goes, “Hunger breeds discontentment”. For a country with a large population like China, food is even more crucial. However, at present, under the trend of urbanization and population aging, many young and middle-aged laborers in rural areas are losing. Young people often do not choose to stay in their hometowns but choose to go to large cities. Therefore, the problem of lacking rural labor will be more  serious.

German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been committed to applying intelligent robots to all aspects of people’s daily lives and bringing convenience to people’s lives. In order to solve the current problem of labor shortage and adapt to the trend of labor mechanization. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed an agricultural robot that can complete agricultural work efficiently and quickly.

German Liectroux Agricultural Robot Inject New Vitality Into Agricultural Development

The brain of this agricultural robot has a built-in smart chip and there is no pressure even for complex terrain. It can intelligently judge the terrain, independently plan the path, intelligently avoid obstacles, accurately detect and locate. Its action is flexible and it can perform various actions such as jumping etc. The agricultural robot can efficiently perform a series of agricultural work such as seedling, cutting, tilling, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, grafting, harvesting, picking, etc. And it will not feel tired so it can maintain excellent work efficiency for a long time. In addition, its built-in smart chip enables it to sense and adapt to crop types or environmental changes. And it can accurately calculate regarding the actual situation when fertilizing and carry out appropriate fertilization, scientifically fertilize and improve the groundwater quality.

The strong scientific and technological strength, first-class experts and scholars as well as advanced research and development equipment etc. have enabled German Liectroux Robotics Institute to develop a variety of intelligent robots. The intelligent robots it develops cover a wide range of applications including medical, aerospace, industrial, home, construction and many other industries. Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company has added brilliance to the home furnishing industry, which greatly facilitates people’s lives. (You can view the website: or

The robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company uses the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrate the machine position through multi-point ranging, so as to draw accurate spatial interior maps, determine obstacle positions, plan cleaning routes, and deal with various complex terrain. Moreover, the dust box capacity and the mop size have been increased., which avoids the frequent dumping of the dust box by the user and improves the cleaning rate. In addition, its design is very user-friendly. It can keep low noise and decibel during work so it does not affect the rest of the family’s daily life.  In addition, it can conduct automatic recharging so it is very convenient to use. This robot vacuum cleaner has became the new favorite in the home appliance market once it was launched.

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