KJT has completed the global strategic investment and cooperation deployment, or will become a dark horse in the field of global blockchain cross-border payment and trade

Recently, KJT officially announced that it has completed the initial financing and strategic cooperation agreement for the institution. KJT is committed to creating a “chain of cross-border lightning settlement” blockchain project, which is established by Malaysia Guo Tong Capital Group (GTCG).

KJT has completed the global strategic investment and cooperation deployment, or will become a dark horse in the field of global blockchain cross-border payment and trade 2

As the scale of international cross-border trade and payment market continues to expand, KJT has attracted a large number of venture capital companies in the blockchain field and traditional financial investment field. As a major global cross-border payment and trade country, China has taken the lead in attracting well-known capital, including FPG capital, Dragon-Chain Capital, AE Capital, Future Block chain, BLOCK PE, Odyssey Research Institute, Huoma Finance, Tuoluo Block Chain, Silver Capital and other capital as well as research institute to participate in institutional investment. In addition, regional retail and financial giants such as France Qeelin group and Germany Martha rock international, which are spread throughout southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe, are also recognized with cross-border projects. It has attracted well-known capital such as the institute of Asian blockchain association (DACA), the financial laboratory of blockchain, and institutional investment and strategic cooperation agreements signed by the institute. In the international field, KJT actively deploys the global cross-border ecosystem, and reaches strategic investment and cooperation agreements with financial investment companies, retail, logistics and other industry giants in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, which form an international financial and trade alliance to jointly promote global cross-border payments and trade reforms, including the Odyssey institute, the Ukrainian blockchain institute, the French Iris group, UK Passion Capital, Canada Macquarie group, Australia Collinstar Capital, BlackRock in Thailand and Creandum in Poland.

Meanwhile, KJT has partnered with Banks such as Santander and Fidor to complete some pilot work to improve its cross-border payment services and join its growing network of global financial institutions and marketplaces. As an industry advocate for value Internet, Guo Tong Capital is a member of the steering committee of Malaysia’s rapid payment working group and co-chair of the W3C network payment working group.

According to Fukuyama Chu, chairman of GTCG foundation, KJT is not only the only gas fuel to run transboundary intelligent network protocols, but also plays the role of transaction information transmission medium and measurement unit of value transmission in transboundary ecological network.

It is understood that there are mainly 8 application scenarios of KJT at present: KJ-B2C global trading platform, KJ-Finance multinational supply chain finance, KJ-Identity global identity verification service, KJ-Credit ecological credit big data, KJ-Pay cross-border payment, KJ-Contract deposit certificate service, KJ-Supply cross-border trade supply chain management, KJ-Insurance trade platform insurance. And the project will first promote the landing of two high frequency application scenarios of “global user credit system” and “cross-border financial payment system”.

KJT seeks DPOS+POW consensus mechanism, which is recognized by all cross-border traders and traders, using block chain technology. For a series of trade ecology, such as cross-border B2C business, cross-border supply logistics, cross-border payment channels, and cross-border pay finance based on trust and credit, KJT uses blockchain technology to realize trust visualization, accumulate and circulate. Meanwhile, KJT forms the global cross-border payment trade industrial chain into high-grade enterprises by free, highly interactive, low threshold, low loss or even no-loss cooperation, so as to produce a large community ecology that follows the consensus mechanism, and finally establish a model of global cross-border commerce and trade industry. As the initiator of KJT project, GTCG will strictly supervise the development of KJT and the construction of cross-border commercial payment channels, which is expected to be a dark horse to overturn the traditional cross-border payment industry.

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