Look up to New Vision: VIP Peilian shows its Brand Strength

Recently, at the crossroads of the global business center New York, a wave of “China Red” appeared. Many Chinese brands appeared on Nasdaq and Reuters screens. At the same time in China, these national brands appeared on the Angel Crunch screen of Zhongguancun- China’s “Silicon Valley”. Many people were attracted to watch, ” Look up to New Vision” set off a new chapter in the influence of Chinese brands.

VIP Peilian, the pioneer of one-on-one online piano training partnership organization in China, was invited by Darong Media to participate in the brand tour, making an impressive appearance on NASDAQ, Reuters and Zhongguancun screens to show the brand image to the world, attracting strong attention at home and abroad.

Nowadays the online music partner training mode draws a lot of parents’ attention and the business is rapidly growing. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Shanghai, VIP Peilian devotes itself to the development of piano training for young children aged 5-16. Currently, VIP Peilian owns thousands of professional teachers for piano, violin, accordion, and zither. VIP Peilian has already served 500,000+ child pianists from over 33 countries. Over ten thousand classes are arranged online every day.

 Look up to New Vision: VIP Peilian shows its Brand Strength 2

According to Ge Jiaqi’s speech at the press conference of VIP Peilian on 2nd November, VIP Peilian has completed $150 million C round of financing. Besides, Ge announced the establishment of Miaoke Artistic Talents Base with 100 Colleges. A $10 million founding founds would be supported to the scientific research and construction of universities and the development of China’s music education industry.

Talking about the landing on the NASDAQ screen, Ge Jiaqi, CEO of VIP Peilian said that in the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, VIP Peilian joined the “three-screen joint exhibition” of Darong Media on the NASDAQ screen in New York, the Reuters screen and the Zhongguancun screen in Beijing to form a three-screen brand matrix, which is intended to show the strength of Chinese brands in major commercial centers around the world and also to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and congratulate the 69th anniversary of China.

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