Strong Marketing Group Proudly Offers a Lead Funnel to One of Their Mortgage Brokers.

Strong Marketing Group, the premier Facebook Ad Agency in the Southeast, is proud to announce that they created a big impact for one of their mortgage brokers who had relocated to Virginia Beach. They helped the mortgage broker develop and establish his business over from scratch.

Since Virginia Beach has one of the largest numbers of military veterans, Strong Marketing Group decided to set his company with a lead funnel. They make it specially geared to VA loans for a better result and more successful opportunities in the future. This lead funnel can also perform in other markets. With their Facebook expertise, they do not the only laser target their demographic, but they also offer an attention-grabbing funnel.

After a month of running the Facebook ad, it had generated 70 qualified leads and closed 6 deals for a total commission of $21,000. Their client only spent $543, giving him a huge profit. For those businesses who are on the lookout for a lead funnel, Strong Marketing Group is the trusted Facebook Ad Agency to rely on. Whether their clients have been engaging in the mortgage or other professions, they have the experience for a highly effective solution.

As the most sought-after Facebook Ad Agency, the company offers a customized marketing solution. They do not provide universal service for every startup and big companies out there. They deliver something relevant, responsive, timely and effective for businesses of all sizes. The service is based on clients’ specific needs and unique expectations, that’s why they remain the top-notch company in Virginia Beach and other surrounding areas.

Over the past decades, Facebook’s advertising product has developed. Because of that, its complexity has boosted. While the platform is developing, its changes are frequent. For businesses, their biggest concern is how to maximize its features such as conversion optimization, custom audiences, and advanced interest targeting. This is where Strong Marketing Group comes to the rescue.

“Every business dreams of boosting a good return on investment,” Gavin Strong, CEO, said. “With the continuously growing number of social media, the Facebook and plays a vital role in business success,” he also added. Strong Marketing Group specializes in this type of marketing. They provide an efficient lead funnel for profit generation at a competitive pricing. They are also surrounded by a team of welcoming and amicable professional for companies and organizations.

About Strong Marketing Group:

Strong Marketing Group offers Facebook Ads Management for establishing and optimizing any marketing campaign. They design the ads and split-test the target market. As the campaign progresses, they keep an eye on other necessary analytics. They specialize in refining and improving a lead funnel’s efficiency.

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