Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor Is Vital to an HVAC Unit

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor Is Vital to an HVAC Unit 2

Purchasing a new HVAC system or having an existing one serviced is vital to many homes and businesses. When deciding upon HVAC contractors in Hillsborough, NC there are a few things you will want to factor in. You may be interested in establishing a preventative maintenance contract by visiting When you establish one of these contracts you are often signing up for a year of service. 

A service agreement provides routine maintenance checkups for your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit. You will decide upon how many service visits your unit will experience over the course of a year. Homes and businesses that live in climates where four seasons a year are experienced will often establish four service check-ups. It is a good idea to have the unit thoroughly inspected and filters changed every twelve weeks. Many climates will force a unit to go from heat to air conditioning very quickly. Some climates will experience extreme cold temperatures and high temperatures within the same week. This kind of use will cause gradual wear and tear. 

A trained Cary, NC HVAC contractor will be able to provide certified technicians that can detect any signs of damage. If a unit is beyond repair the contractor will be able to acquire a new unit for your home or business. Some businesses require large industrial roof top units. These often require the use of cranes for installation. If you are using commercial sized HVAC units you will need to discuss permits and additional work that will need to be done for total unit replacement. 

The main job of the HVAC unit is to provide a comfortable environment in your home or business. The air flow will warm or cool the space as needed. The air duct work should also be cared for once a year. When the dust settles in the air duct work, it can then blow out through the vents while the unit is in use. Having the duct work properly cleaned can help reduce the exposure to allergens or other harmful contaminants. In some cases, mold can grow inside the air duct work that is associated with the HVAC unit. This is common for units that are in the basement. If the basement is susceptible to seepage or flooding there is a chance that water could have become trapped in the duct work. The water is now sitting and festering in a dark environment. If mold is allowed to grow it will then be blown throughout the home or business while the HVAC unit is in use. A trained HVAC professional will also be able to examine the duct work and either clean it or recommend a duct work cleaning business. 

Maintaining a properly working HVAC unit is vital to the comfort of the individuals within a home or business. You can ask for referrals from friends or colleagues. Another way to find a reputable company is to read consumer reviews on contractor sites. These reviews will give in depth personal experiences that customers have had with your local HVAC contractors.

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